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Young mind Phillipa Shinga asks humanity golden questions …

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Questions about the future

By Phillipa Shinga Phil

In this technologically advancing world where issues of technology have gained momentum, words such as “fast and speed” have become common language. The dawn of technology has ushered in the use of fast-cars, fast trains, fast-foods, fast-phones, fast internet, and poignantly there is, nowadays, the switching on to fast-prayers.

The effects of this has made life more convenient, easier and less costly. While these may be the beneficial outcomes, a lot of harm also has come along with this fast paced life and technological advancement. Ironically, the dawn of technology has aroused the most argued questions in the lives of the youths and the society as a whole.

Why then, with all these blessings, have such a dreadful thing come up? The prevalence of early marriages have become more than a story but a cause for concern. The most nagging question I came up with was, WHY are the youths of today getting married at an awfully tender age? The present day parenting starts at the unbelievable age of 18 in most cases. Has this got to do with the advancing technology which has resulted in the speeding up of almost everything that even the society has resolved to speed-up marriages?

One would ask, is this as a result of technology or rather there are other plain reasons that have fueled to this early parenting? Out of concern and wonder, if I was lagging behind in terms of this technological ideology of a speedy and fast-paced world, I thought to go on an expedition of finding out what has been the reasons behind all this change.

I wouldn’t say blaming it all on technology is justified, but entirely exempting it isn’t rightly correct. The reasons that came to mind, which might have been behind the early parenting include societal influences, economic imbalances, poor educational skills and poor parenting guidance. The questions that then pop up when one looks at this societal ailment are, What then is the society’s response?

What are the views of the parents at large? Is this the highlights of the next 10 years to come? The exorbitant rise in divorce levels has been somehow attached to these early marriages. What then is the solution to these problems that the global and local society is facing? Proffering answers to these questions can’t be a day’s event, it’s not a one man’s job, it’s a work that the whole society has to participate in. Unity of the society and commitment of the Parents has an overwhelming impact to this intensifying tender-marriage concern.

No one can give a wholesome solution to these problems and answer these questions better. The future is in our hands it takes us as individuals to stop this, it takes attitude and discipline not to become a statistic. We are the future and tomorrow’s voice today, the more we are united, the more difference we can bring in stopping early parenting. Parents and society at large, can we just fold our hands… watch all the efforts made to bring a better society all go into peril right before our eyes.

Can our expectations for better and brighter leaders crumble right in front of our eyes whilst we fold our hands sitting in the hope of a miracle? Our children, our youths unknown to them are asking for the help of you parents and society at large to hold their hands and assure them that it’s all going to be well, running into marriage is not it all. Help us be the voice that can be heard to empower our youths as they hold in their hands, the future of generations.

Let them not waste the energy in their veins for nothing, enlighten them that there is more to life than just marriage. There are consequences to marriage, kids and responsibilities come along with it. How can another kid raise another kid, whilst as the society we sit and watch playing the ‘they will see it game.’
I am speaking as a voice of concern, one with a burden for the future and the present. Together we can make a difference!!!!

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