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Wayne Munekani set to promote global talent (Interview with Panashe Hannah Mare)

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Written by Zim Talks TV

Panashe Hannah Mare better known by readers as She pana is a Modern, mystic, talented young poet whose poetry can be described as food for  thought that soothes the soul,it was recently announced that she would be working with Thee moon child and WTM media house,two media prospects taking great strides in promoting and marketing art as whole. WTM media house  recently set down with She.pana for an interview,here She.pana talks about her journey as a writer from a young age and her latest collection. She also offers some great insights and tips into writing and editing poetry.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 

Q.Please give us an introduction as to who you are as Panashe, where you from and age

she.pana :My full name is Panashe Hannah Mare but am better  known  by my readers as She.pana.Am  20 years old,Based in South Africa born in Harare, Zimbabwe and am basically a simple minded,fun loving person

Q.Do you come from a literary background?

she.pana: Yes, my uncle is a published writer

Q.What writers did you enjoy reading as a child?

she.pana: Chinua Achebe , Danielle Steel, Jane Austen, John Green and Margaret Atwood

Q.How did you get started as a poet ?

she.pana: I was in a very dark place in life and l decided to write about it and it made life a little less sad.

Q.How do your poems develop?,please  guide us through the stages of a poem?

she.pana: Well just like the poem The thought fox poem by Ted Hughes the writing process is gradual one. I’d say mostly when I’m emotional.

Q.Do you show your work in progress to anyone?

she.pana: I used to read it to my mother but now I don’t showcase it to anyone before the end product.

Q.How do you manage to fit writing in with other demands on your time?

she.pana: The words find time for me. When it comes it comes, it’s almost like a rapid feeling l cannot ignore.

Q.Who are your favorite poets?

she.pana: William Shakespeare, Maya Angelou, Rupi Kaur, Edgar Allan Poe, William Wordsworth, Walt Whitman, William Blake, ee Cummings,  John Keats and John Donne

Q.Where can people read your work?

she.pana: on the mirakee app, on my Instagram stories (@she.pana) or on the @thee.moonchild Instagram page and @mediahouse_official instagram page

Q.Do you find writing easy?

she.pana: I do not find it easy but rather enjoyable

Q.Do you think you are a great writer ?

she.pana :one thing I’ve learnt in life is that you’re what/who you think you’re.Your thoughts manifest and l think l am a greater writer.  If l turn out not to be well that’s that.

Q.Can you give any advice to someone wanting to write and publish poetry?

she.pana: Well all l can say is that never give up and listen to your thoughts. Every sound, image or life force is a piece waiting to be written and heard. Listen to the words, they will always speak to you. There will come a time where you lack inspiration or facing writer’s block, NEVER GIVE UP, it will pass and never let someone tell you no. It will always get worse before it gets better. At the end of the day, one does not grow over night. It takes falling for a child to finally be able to balance up and walk. Nothing good ever came easy. Always remember that.

Q.What inspires you to write,where do the ideas come from?

she.pana: Greatness inspires me but the ideas come from my emotions. I write what l feel.

Q.Should we be on the look out for an anthology at time soon?

she.pana: Well in good time, just like creating a pot out of clay, it is a gradual process, the ball of clay still needs to be rolled and only then shall it be placed onto the plastic placement.

Q.What is your favorite part about poetry?,your least favorite?,why?

she.pana :The imagery is my favorite part of about poetry.

Q.lastly do you have any words to your readers who are anxiously waiting for your content?

She.pana: I’ll continue writing if you continue reading. My biggest inspiration is the people that connect with the words,Thank you

***For more on She.pana visit @Thee moon child and WTM Mediahouse

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