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Tyron Masendu Says: Not by Might, but by Faith PART 1…

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Written by Zim Talks TV

“Weak people are guided by their fears but great man are guided by their faith”

Written by Tyron Masendu

Weak people are guided by their fears but great people are guided by their faith. Weak people consider what they cannot do and so they set limitations for themselves around those weaknesses, they are controlled by the boundaries of inability, lack of talent and lack of skill, hence they become a product of these vices.

Their dreaming will always be below what they can do only, below their fears, below their limitations. They are made to believe that dreaming should be to the extent of their abilities – a very dangerous perception in life. They have accepted confinement as a permanent way of their lives. What a pitiful acceptance of a Shameful fate.

Successful people are not like that, they have unlimited faith . They do not allow anything to confine them except their faith. If we judge ourselves by our abilities, our problems will never go, our fears will remain, and that failure will not go anywhere. We have to come to a position where we see ourselves further than talent, further than ability, further than our fears.

The most important ingredient of success is not ability to be successful, it is not having the idea, it is not having money, it is not about having a sought after gift, it is believing that all that you see in yourself is possible. I have heard of people who had money, who had great amazing ideas, who had so much people who adored them, who had amazing talent and skill but eventually became nothing.

What they failed to realise was all that they needed was the fuel of faith. The most important ingredient of success is not the ability to make things happen, it is not having the idea, it is not having money, it is not about having a sought after gift, it is believing that all that you see in yourself is possible , a personal conviction of ability , a pronouncement of self power – it is the ability to believe in yourself , the ability to believe that your potential is able to bring out all that you dream about and see about yourself.

To me , we can have all including skills ,talents , abilities and all the characteristics of an “overcomer” but still it’s not complete if we don’t have FAITH – faith is the fuel that burns , does the combustion and eventually sets the vehicle in motion . Faith is to believe in your dream, to believe in your thoughts about yourself, to believe that “the you” in your dream is possible.

If you want to go near, be equipped with ability, character, talent and skill but if you want to go far equip yourself with faith, equip yourself with believing that you can. You need to start believing in your dream , in your potential to be successful .

Peter knew if I stay in the boat, I will stay an ordinary man, I will be the same as other disciples who are in the boat, I will stay an ordinary man like them. This is the reason why he said no, I must be better than them. Listen and listen good, if we have done ordinary things shall we be foolish to expect extra-ordinary things.

If we have sown ordinary seeds, how then are we to reap extra-ordinary fruits? It is in the extra that is not in the ordinary that produces a different result. That part differentiates you from others.

When they talk about their ability and devices of walking that journey , talk about your faith, talk about what you have seen. PETER, JESUS AND THE BOAT – The lessons of faith The bible says in the book of Mathew Jesus after prayer wanted to get back into the boat but there was a problem, now the boat was far from the land Mathew 14:24 but the boat by this time was a long way from the land, beaten by the waves, for the wind was against them. 25 And in the fourth watch of the night, he came to them walking on the sea. 29 He said, “Come” So Peter got out of the boat and walked on the water and came to Jesus.-niv


Lesson 1: NOT DIFFERENTPeter is like any other disciple who is in the boat. You do not need to be ANY DIFFERENT from them, you do not need to own a big house, and you do not need to have thousands of dollars to be the right candidate. You do not need to be so much gifted to begin; you do not need to be gifted so much to qualify.

Success isn’t an exam where teachers qualify students but here students qualify themselves. Faith is to qualify ourselves in places or positions we cannot ordinarily reach .There is no qualifying criteria to be successful therefore there is no limitation to who can be successful and on what grounds. All we need is to qualify ourselves.

We are not chosen because there is no criteria neither are we selected but we select ourselves from the rest. We qualify ourselves by rising up when others are busy searching for all that be busy perfecting your faith .

I know people who may see me may say what he has, who He is but I am the Peter of my moment. I know this that faith knows no person, no limitation, criteria except the one that is self-imposed. Self-imposed restriction is the only obstacle that can stop my faith .

Someone can get out of their cycle of poverty ,defeat and failure right away if he does not limit his faith.I am convinced by someone who looks at a situation , sees that practically it cant but still decides to pursue it …My final encouragement is

Faith is the fuel that will get you going wherever and whenever, make sure you don’t run dry

To be continued…

About the author

Tyron Masendu is a motivational & an inspirational speaker studying risk management and insurance at NUST. He has stood on various platforms evangelising about self-potential , purpose and on the word of God. He is also the founder of Valley of Hope

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