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Tyron Masendu Says not by Might but by Faith (PART II)

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The lessons from Peter part 2

When others were still confused and maybe they were still looking at each other to know what the other was going to do, Peter was coming out. He was moving from being an ordinary man into an extra-ordinary man, he was defying odds.

Some of us are still in situations because we need to see others first, we want to know what other people do with the same fate we are facing- that is all wrong. The story is not about who did it before and what happened, the story is about you and what you will do and what will happen. Some people will definitely remain in that boat held by the fears of the unsteady economy.

Lesson 3 Do extra-ordinary

Peter knew he needed to walk on water. He did not come out swimming, he did not dive into the water as if he is about to swim. Peter comes out of the boat with one foot determined to walk and the other one determined to follow.

What makes us ordinary is because we still need the boat, sometimes we know we are about to walk on water but we come out determined to swim and not walk. Your journey needs to be extra-ordinary not by walking ordinarily but by pursuing an extra-ordinary path.

When you have aimed for the sun do not act for the moon. When you are determined to go, let the direction of your foot point your direction. Your ways should speak what you want to pursue and where you are going.

Peter did not probably have to jump to be somewhere so that he could start walking. One important characteristic of faith is that it starts where we are. Right in that vending stall is your gateway to success.

Lesson 4: Faith starts where we are

Sam Walton started Walmart not because he had to first have thousands of dollars but because he believed within him –there is a giant that can’t be chained .This is why he had to start by borrowing and started by buying out a store and that is the idea that took him far.

If you are selling tomatoes, do not think selling houses will better you – the principle is the same. Why not start there. Right in your poverty is your way out- just begin from there. Brad Henry said, “Believe in yourself, and the rest will fall into place. Have faith in your own abilities, work hard, and there is nothing you cannot accomplish.”

All that is needed is to believe in yourself, do not wait to get money so that you can begin. Where you are is the place that has your money, your success and your future. Just believe that your ability and talent is the best to bring out the dream.

Get on the roller coaster of success and let faith but not fate fuel you to the edges of success.

Compiled by : Tyron Tinashe Masendu (Founder of Valley of Hope ,Author , inspirational Speaker and mentor)

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