The President ED Mnangagwa caught checking alcohol prices in Kwekwe

Zim Talks TV
Written by Zim Talks TV

President ED Mnangagwa was spotted today In OK (Kwekwe) shop checking the prices of basic commodities.

People were stampeding to take pictures of this uncommon sighting. However, what caught the eyes of people was, ED checking out prices of alcohol. This left drinkers hoping the coin might just fall their way, and have the prices of their “favorite drink” reduced.

Since Zanu-Pf got into power not much positive change in the economy has been observed. The bond and RTGS is still struggling to satisfy the business, with majority of the people having lost lost confidence in the declared Zimbabwean currency. This has resulted in many traders resorting to US Dollars as their currency of trade, living most business stranded without a mode of trading.

What remains in the minds of the Kwekwe residence, is the question whether this visit will sum up to something or it was just one of those endless visit that do not mean anything.

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