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Stinking Corruption at ZETDC

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The Zimbabwe Electricity and Distribution Company has not taken delivery of transformers it paid US$4,9 million for nine years ago. This was said by Auditor General Mrs Mildred Chiri while presenting her annual report for State Enterprises and Parastatals yesterday.

She said public resources were being wasted by organisations that were not carrying out due diligence in procurement of goods and services, resulting in a wastage of public funds.

“Lack of due diligence when procuring goods and services resulted in cases of some payments being made without subsequent delivery,” said Mrs Chiri.

“Notable cases included ZETDC which has not taken delivery of transformers nine years after making a payment of US$4,9 million to Pito Investments.

“The same contractor was also paid in advance an amount of US$561 935 by the Zimbabwe Power Company in 2016 and has not delivered. In addition, ZPC also paid R196 064 in 2016 to York International for gas that has not been received.”

Source : Herald

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