Satanism hits Bulawayo Hospital as Infant loses a toe

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A Bulawayo couple was left outraged after their newborn baby had her middle toe on her left foot cut off by a nurse, leaving the bone reportedly exposed.

The alleged “amputation” was reportedly done on 20 March this year, and without the child’s parents’ knowledge. As such, one can imagine the baby being so tiny and utterly helpless.

The baby’s father Ngoni Madzinga said spirited efforts to get an explanation on what transpired and the piece that was snipped off from his daughter’s toe from the hospital authorities didn’t yield any results.

Understandably, the baby’s parents are now suspecting that the missing toe was taken for ritual purposes.

Initial investigation by the child’s parents revealed that when the incident happened, the Sister-in-Charge didn’t write a detailed report of what transpired or report it to the matron who later learnt it from Madzinga.

In an interview with B-Metro Madzinga said when the distressing incident happened, the nurses who were on duty didn’t also tell him until he discovered it on his own. At that time, the baby was a few hours old.

“What is suspicious is that when the incident happened, the Sister-In-Charge didn’t write a detailed report of what transpired or report it to the matron who later learnt it from me. When I approached the matron the following day she said she was waiting for a report from the Sister-In-Charge but nothing materialised,” said an emotional Madzinga.

He said the matron called a doctor who had attended to the baby and wrote that there was a wound on the left leg, with the bone exposed and suggested that the toe had been cut off during umbilical cord cutting.

“Surprisingly, four days later I received a call from one of the nurses (name supplied) who was involved when my wife delivered, and she passionately apologised for what happened to my daughter before she briefly explained what transpired on the day in question. She, however, said she was not the one who cut off my baby’s toe,” said Madzinga.

Although the nurse in question has apologised, he said it wasn’t enough.

“I believe my baby is worth so much more than that. Truth be told, it’s not easy to be considerate when a person says she’s sorry but doesn’t own up to her mistake. In this case, my baby was harmed and that will affect her for the rest of her life,” he said.

Madzinga further said he also didn’t receive joy when he approached the hospital’s chief executive officer Ms Nonhlanhla Ndlovu who reportedly organised a meeting with two doctors and two matrons and promised to quickly give him a report on what really transpired.

“I am still waiting for a report from the CEO who met two doctors in my presence and the doctors tried in vain to convince me that the child was born like that. I dismissed their claims.”

He added: “The answers I am seeking from the hospital authorities are, where the piece that was cut off is? How was it cut off? Was it done for ritual purposes? Why was the mother not shown the piece that was cut off?”

As expected, the baby’s father is filing a complaint with the Ministry of Health and Child Care and the Nurses Council of Zimbabwe (NCZ).

Repeated attempts to get a comment from Ndlovu were fruitless until it was later established that she was not at work.

Acting CEO Narcisious Dzwanga said they were still waiting for report from the relatives so that investigations could be properly instituted.

source: ZimCentric

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