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Politician Tinashe Jonas publicly ‘insults’ Fadzayi Mahere for joining the MDC party.

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Written by Zim Talks TV

Tinashe Jonasi, a young politician and president of Ideal Zimbabwe who is popularly known for his direct allegations to the government, made yet another fascinating headline after he publicly ‘insulted’ Fadzayi Mahere.

Fadzayi Mahere’s announcement of her alliance with the MDC party brought smiles to many but Mr Tinashe Jonasi couldn’t take this lightly. He wrote on his Face-book page a message meant to hit and wound Fadzayi Mahere and her supporters.

He nervelessly labeled Mahere as a mere employment seeker and an individual who has no Zimbabwean interests at heart. He went on to say that Fadzayi Mahere is an opportunist trying to just create her own capitalist status through MDC.

This insult left many baffled, we will let you know on what happens next. Comment your thoughts below.

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