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Trending pictures, as a Zim lady artist get inspired by Vimbai Zimuto

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Written by Zim Talks TV

Vimbai Zimuto who is a Zimbabwean artist behind the song, ‘Hapana Kwaunoenda’ recently released her creative pictures on her Facebook page for everyone to see her piece of art. However, this has inspired some other Zimbabwean artists like Letwin Berebende also known as La Diva Million .

Letwin is a United Kingdom based artist with profound Rhumba songs and a promising destiny in the music industry.According to B -Metro Letwin said,

Vimbai has led the way. We cannot hide in fear anymore after I saw how she handled the storm that came her way, I feel I can also do it…The photo shoot was fulfilling and after a long time, I feel whole, at least the _pictures_ express who I really am.

However, this is not the first creative shoot Letwin has given us on the Internet. We just hope this wont be a year of openness to Zimbabwean women artists following a Vimbai Zimuto’s unique idea of art.

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