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PHD’s Walter Magaya Accused Of Child Sexual Abuse of 17-year-old

Zim Talks TV
Written by Zim Talks TV

Leader and founder of Prophetic Healing and Deliverance (PHD) Ministries, Walter Magaya faces sexual abuse accusations after a couple posted a video on YouTube and Facebook in which they give a chilling claim of how they allege that he impregnated their 17-year-old daughter way back in 2013.

The couple, Godfrey and Molly Maenzanise claimed that the man of cloth took in their two daughters in January 2013 and within months, one of them was pregnant with a pregnancy the man of cloth tried to shift responsibilities to a boy who was also in love with the girl. (According to the parents)

In giving a blow by blow encounter on how she discovered that her daughter had been impregnated by Magaya, Molly said: “I got the shock of my life… I asked him how this had happened, and who was responsible? He told me my daughter was probably 2 weeks pregnant by a boy who had refused to take responsibility.

“Magaya told me the boy insisted he was not ready to settle down with my daughter, and the pregnancy had been unplanned.”

The rape issue (alleged) only came to light after their daughter got married in 2016. It was only then that she started to open up. Molly continued: “She said Magaya used to abuse her. She said he would force her to have sex with her in the toilet, in the prayer room… she mentioned many places.

“I asked her if they were in love and she said no, which suggests to me she was manipulated. At her tender age, she was just still a minor. She was put in a corner, she was manipulated until she gave in.”

The Maenzanise couple attended Magaya’s church when the alleged rape incidents happened from 2013 and even beyond. This is not the first time that the man of cloth has been in the media for the same wrong reasons.

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