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Ngoni Danzwa : Dear Madam Thokozani Khupe

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Written by Zim Talks TV

Dear Madam Thokozani Khupe.

Firstly Ma’am, I would like to thank and salute you for the days, months and years you spent fighting against dictatorship and mis-governance. You fought for justice, freedom and equality for the people of Zimbabwe. You represented the people of Zimbabwe both in parliament and in the streets. That was so patriotic of you Madam! Once again, I say thank you for the time you spent serving the MDC under the leadership of our late President, Morgan Tsvangirai. Your contribution towards the struggle for change, is much appreciated!

It pains me Ma’am, to see that you have chosen to abandon the struggle for change, you have chosen to dine, with the oppressors of the people of Zimbabwe, and what pains me the most is you have chosen to disrespect and fight against the will of the people of Zimbabwe. You have chosen to derail the train of change! You have betrayed those who sacrificed their lives fighting for change!

Ma’am, I want to take this opportunity to remind you, that by fighting Advocate Nelson Chamisa, you’re fighting against the people of Zimbabwe. By saying ‘the people of Zimbabwe’ I mean the 2.6 million who voted for Adv Nelson Chamisa during the last year election, as well as those who did not vote, but believes that Adv Nelson Chamisa is their leader, those who follow him and those who love him!

Save yourself from shame and humiliation. Ma’am you must remember that, the mandate to lead is attained from the people NOT from the court of law! You can’t say you are a leader when no one is following you. It is the will of the people that matters, respect the will of the people, respect the choice and voice of the people!

Stop fighting the will of the people. I respect your involvement in politics Ma’am, because I know that it’s your constitutional right to be involved in politics, but it would actually be a good idea if you resign from politics Ma’am. Unless you’re enjoying the humiliation from the public everyday. You are a human being Ma’am and I’m also a human being, I know how it feels to be humiliated. Once again, I repeat my words Ma’am, save yourself from shame and humiliation, resign from the game of politics, you played your part! I am not telling you what to do Ma’am, but I am telling you what I believe is the right thing to do and I hope you do the right thing.

Thank you!

Yours comradely:
Ngoni Danzwa

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  • Thank you my brother Ngoni for this article. I appreciate your effort. Dr. Khupe need to reflect and possibly weigh her choices which, I suggest, should not be driven by the “sinking with the ship” motive.

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