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Motivation By Tyron Tinashe Masendu: DON’T QUIT

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Is life putting you to the edges instead of making you enjoy and realise profits? Has that business turned out to prove that it is only good for loss making than making profits? Have you watched it drain every cent that comes your pocket and you are now left with one option – to quit .

You see, there is no other way out than to quit the business and liberate yourself from the fate. Down in the economy lane, things are just upside down and prices are skyrocketing whilst your income continues to remain stagnated. To you there is every reason to give up and call it quits. It seems the only manoeuvrable avenue is the quit. The circumstances around you seem to have arranged for an ambush. Every area of your life seems to have hit a hard rock. Every faith in the business or in that pursuit has already dried up and threads of hope cannot persist to bear the urge to give up.

Today I urge you to never quit on that dream or that business for your destiny is too great to end in the middle before getting to the finish line. That business maybe the only avenue for you out of the cycle of poverty and failure .Those potholes along the journey are not meant to stop you but to prepare you for the dusty road in the future. It carries the right experience that you need when you are at the top. We should understand that obstacles and temptations are there to prune our attitude and character hence we do not have to skip the lessons embedded in the fall.

When you are confronted with this urge – the question that you should ask yourself is if you still really want to continue in the same fate that you have once decided to quit.

The greatest motivated person in the world is the one that looks at his problems and say I no longer want you.

The greatest motivated person is too afraid of his problems – he takes his motivation from what he does not want to experience in his /her life. What is it that forced you to pursue that dream – is it poverty .Success is to the one who looks at poverty and say I no longer want you. My question is – will you not sit down and consider the ocean like bills on your shoulder and the pond like income coming once a month? Will that obstacle go away with your business and leave you with that financially prisoned life?

 One should know that what we are facing is nothing compared to the size of lack just behind the door of giving up. That dream is possible if you will soldier on – if you will persist against the wind, if you will not let battle fatigue and battle perception snatch away your deserved victory.

What has forced you to start – let it force you to continue let the faith that you had in the beginning be the same faith that you have throughout.

One should look at their pond of finances and say I no longer fit in this –I DON’T WANT IT ANYMORE .Ask yourself if you still want to stay permanently being a prey to poverty, lack, insufficiency and incompetence. There is a greater you that must come out of this, just do not break the process. I once said

The poor man and the rich man both face the same trap. It is the perception of the trap that sets them apart

The rich man is not immune to the raining urges to give up; he is not immune to the sea of disappointments. Sometimes he is lost in the forest of indecision and confusion that attacks others – but one thing he has learnt and mastered is to be a slave of his dreams, his ambitions and goals.  He is just but a slave of his dream, a slave of his future.  He knows the freedom that lies a little beyond those obstacles and those temptations to give up.  

The rich man and the poor man all face the same trap to fail and to give up but their perception of the problem separates them. When a poor man faces the urge to give up – he sees all the suffering (the bills , the debt , the loss amongst others )that he has been through yet nothing has been changing, he sees the hurt and considers the pain that he is experiencing – he is so myopic.

The rich man is afraid of the past presenting itself in the future, he is afraid of the whip of poverty hence he looks beyond the obstacles. Alice Whiler said, “Look at the present that you are constructing, it should look like the future that you are dreaming

What kind of a present are you constructing? Is it aligned to the future you want to live?

If we want our future to look greater than our past then we have to walk the journey of life realising a little step further requires more effort, more determination and much more persistence than before.

In a road we have to bridge our self through some rivers of discouragement, we have to locate our way out through a forest of bad advice and fake friends and disappointments .We have to cover our self against the raining calls and urges to give up.

One man once said to be successful in whatever endeavour, you have to –

Believe whilst others are doubting, decide whilst others are delaying, persist whilst others are giving up and to act while others are waiting. It is what we do today that builds our tomorrow and it is what we do not do that becomes our regret tomorrow.

I have come to know that

 There are teachers who remained students, successful people who remained unsuccessful, great people who remained small, some had solutions to today’s atrocities, dangers and insecurities, and some had the medicine to today’s pandemics but because of giving up talent and solutions died with them

 However, you are too great to let talent rot in you – to let that business die within you.  

Those who gave up remained with their problems. Those who gave up died with their stories never written anywhere. They died but they had stories, they died but they had businesses that never became, they died but they had dreams that never became, they died but they had solutions that they never showed to the world. Your dreams are not going to die with you because you decided to let it go unfinished. It is a decision that you need to make today to rise up above negativity, against mediocrity and ordinarity. You need to rise up above the flood, don’t drown together with the masses in the pond of failure, you are a better somebody whose potential doesn’t have to die with you.

A failed person is the one who dies with his potential, who chose to be useless with ability, who chose to do nothing with a gift, who chose to be foolish with knowledge and wisdom, who chose to do nothing with something. It is the one who chose to be unproductive with the resources, who chose idleness over productivity, who chose failure over success. It is the one who chooses to give up than to pursue, who chooses to turn back than to go ahead. You are not a failed somebody when you still got life, chance and time.

 All you need is to action your plan or goal. Just do not give failure a chance by giving up. Michael Jordan says “do not give up in the first place; it will become your habit, your tendency if you allow doing it once”. Pursue your dream for in them is your happiness. It is yours to become. Yes, you can be the best you have never been.

To the persons who are hungrily waiting to be successful but still finds a reason why they will fail, to those who have not found their sling and are still afraid of their Goliath, those who are still hesitant to accept that they can get to the moon despite the distance and to those still terrified that the top of Everest is too high.

May the grace of the Lord Jesus enable you to realise that, what you have been experiencing is the ingredients of the future that you want, may He give you the ability to realise that the red sea that is ahead of you is going to be the point of difference, for without it your story will be like any other. May He give you the Heart to realise that the jail you are in is the opportunity of elevation for you, that pit is the beginning of your greatness. May He give you the realisation that whatever fate we are in is just but a season – I like what David says in psalms 23, he says even though I walk through the shadow of death, I will fear no evil. You are only walking through a fate but you are not staying there.

May God increase you

Prepared by Tyron Tinashe Masendu (motivational and inspirational speaker who has stood on various platforms evangelising about the gospel of self-potential and purpose)

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