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It Takes Courage to Land High Places: Tyron Tinashe Masendu

Zim Talks TV
Written by Zim Talks TV

Most often, you lock the door and you begin to dream the dream of self-power and potential. You find that you have so much within that many people do not ever see except yourself. You really see yourself as a very successful company owner with lots of money and a very big house – in those dreams. You gaze in the mirror of your unfilled self – ‘the man within’- and you see a great deal of talent, potential, ability and big dreams.

The first point of starting this discussion is to knock realisation within your mind that we all have those dreams, those visions we see about ourselves. Dying and withering in the hands and minds of man is a great deal of talent, ability and potential that is not being realised or lived.

Many people may not feel it but they have that incompleteness- that ‘I could have been better than this or I can be better than my present fate’ mentality hovering in the atmosphere of their mind. They have that sense that triggers incompleteness or hunger within- that device should not be shut off .

Many at times we always see something many people do not see within us but acting out that inward self is a no starter for most people. The truth here is you have that inward great self, wondering in the jungle of the mind, seen only by your mind – but the problem is that you cannot really take him out of that jungle of the mind.

Sydney Smith says, “A great deal of talent is lost to the world for want of a little courage. Everyday sends to the grave obscure man whose timidity prevented them from making the first steps”. Sydney acknowledges the fact that talent is there but is hidden behind timidity.

The fear to begin , the fear to fail , the fear of what people will say , the fear of freedom, the fear to step out of the comfort zone, the fear of the unknown. These obscure men are buried with potential stuck in themselves, ideas stuck in their minds, songs, books, art, discoveries and inventions are buried with these man. They are afraid to step out of the boat of ordinariness into the sea of freedom as the fearless apostle Peter who at the sight of other obscure disciples, walked on water.

Those dreams and visions are hidden behind the blanket called ‘fear ‘or alternatively call them ‘the lack of courage’ We all have the talent hidden behind the lack of courage, behind those clouds of fear. To me really the most difficult part of success is acting out what you dream, acting out that inward stature, identity, and power that you possess. The point here is, man is never empty of potential or ability; he is loaded with massive power that is only in need of a little courage, a little push.

I want men to realise that they have something within called potential, which translates to an unlived self within. Potential is what I can do that I have not done yet. It is the “me” hidden in my tomorrow and sometimes concealed by the cloud of fear and doubt. Each of us no matter how small we may look in the outside, we have greatness locked in the ‘ore’ called potential within us.

Our first step is to realise what this potential can translate into if we live it out. No matter how small in stature you are, there is greatness within you, which is only waiting to be unleashed. In one of my sermons, I said that God made us instruments of change by making us as assets in the world of poverty, lack, sorrow, amongst other things. This virtue itself requires a level of creating ability to generate revenue or benefit to the world- for every asset generates revenue, equally as us humans.

Dare you have the courage. Success is not an easy walk in the park; it is not a mere driveway in the jungle. Success takes the courage to supersede reality, hatred and mediocrity. You have to challenge what you see by creating what you do not see, Challenge what you are by acting out what you are not at least presently, and challenge what you know by learning those things you do not know. All these things needs the courage to step out of the ordinary.

Courage is to act outwardly on what you see inwardly. It is living outwards your inwards. “Courage is a decision, fear is a reaction”.Courage is a deliberate decision to push yourself to make that step on the breaking staircase (when everything is dictating otherwise); it is to jump from the top hill when tradition has it that anybody who did it died airborne.

Many dreams are imprisoned in the minds that are too afraid of the storms of life, who don’t have the courage to make those steps on a stormy day.You need the courage to be successful- because it takes much courage to be different; it takes courage not to act normal, to walk on a different path when all man are walking on a different road. It takes courage to take another course leading to a destination you never saw before; it takes courage to walk on a new path.

It takes courage not to fit in; it needs courage to act differently.Failure always have company but rarely do success, you will find yourself deserted, left to suffer alone, often you will find yourself put in a pit like Joseph by dearly friends and it takes the courage to rise up and continue in the same road.

When you follow the path of success, you will have less friends, you will be criticised often but it takes courage to disregard their talk and continue. They will hurt you sometimes but it takes courage to love them back, it takes courage to continue without love. They will pull you down but it takes courage to forgive them and take your life and move on.

It takes courage to sail in the sea of success because you will need to find strength when all men around you are taking it away. They will support each other so that you fail but you need the courage to support yourself and move on.Success is at a price. It is far much easier not to be successful. You just act normal, think what they think, talk like them, go where they go and fit in. You neutralise every potential God has put on you.

Success will not be cheap at any time. In this world, people will always throw stones on the path of your success, but it takes courage to see otherwise –those that see little will make a wall but the courageous will make a bridge. Criticism is a ladder but it takes courage to ascend. Many people take the easy way, just descend. It takes courage to make a decision least made.It takes the courage to take risks in your life especially when the economy is not performing.

The economy is upside down, prices are too high, the Zimbabwean dollar is losing value and you are importing, the taxes are too high, fuel is expensive, there are no jobs, transport is expensive – it takes courage to act that dream in such a situation.

There is a storm, you are Peter, and JESUS is saying come on Peter you can make it – IT TAKES COURAGE TO MAKE A STEP. You really know the result of attempting to walk on water – experience has it that selling in Zimbabwean dollar yet importing will make you drown but it takes the courage to step out.

It takes the courage not to believe what you know, it takes courage to disregard experience, tradition and present knowledge Maybe you just pushed your foot off the boat, again it takes courage to know that if you win, you can lead; if you lose, you can guide. It takes the courage to step out of the ordinary.

Author: Tyron Tinashe Masendu (motivational speaker)


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