Enzo Ishall (Kanjiva artist)to study a Law Degree soon

Zim Talks TV
Written by Zim Talks TV

Enzo who is the master behind the recent Kanjiva and Smart inotangira Kutsoka songs has shown his interests into going back to School. After rising to fame, he managed to buy his first car and also he acquired his A Level results (Which he couldn’t acquire before due to the pending school debt).

Enzo Ishall

Enzo has chosen to break the odd and resume to school even after his fame has flourished around the country. Enzo reviled that, going back to school will not necessarily mean he is abandoning his music carrier, music will still remain at the center of his life .

Enzo was very happy and proud of himself after discovering that he had 7 points on his A Level certificate.


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