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Defying Odds with Tyron Masendu

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As a deer caught in the headlights, you have no clue whatsoever of what’s happening around you. You are just watching the events unfold themselves to you and you have no option but to accept fate. You have just been reduced to a mere spectator of the things that are happening around your life.

You are lost in the forest of confusion of self-identity and purpose -and you begin to think that letting the bus go by itself is the right solution. You know you have ambitions, goals and visions that are even written down but you cannot explain how life has been turning. You just found yourself out of the control panel and life began to happen to you. At the beginning of the year, like the masses you sat down and mapped your life but aloof –up to now nothing has ever been done.

In my few years in life I have realised that the world is like a kitchen – many sit down and accept fate dished in their plate of life , they think that they have no option except to eat anything life has dished in their plate but only a few realise that we are in a kitchen where I can stand up and cook my own fate of life.

It comes down to their mental faculty that the same mealie meal used to cook porridge can cook sadza , the same fire that burns can also cook a meal. They do not allow themselves to be slaves of fate but masters of fate. They do not sit down and watch things happen, they make things happen. Whatever is at their disposal is at their mercy.

Any situation that throws itself in their own bus does that at its own risk –because they will not bow to the sea of challenges that stops others, they will not be coerced to feed from the plate of dogs because life threw some beans in there. They look so ordinary from the outside but inside them is a lion that Roars. They are

They are hungry to change fate than to be changed by fate.
I have come to realise that life is a bus-taking people where they do not want to go. Those who slumber wake up to realise they are not even close to where they want to go. Not even close to their dreams, goals, or ambitions. If I may ask – what happened to those childhood goals, what happened to those youth goals- did the bus of life take you away from these dreams.

One thing is sure, unless we set ourselves on a mission to defy odds, odds will continue to defy us, unless we set ourselves a mission to challenge life- we will continue with our challenged life. Unless one realises life is flying hence there is need for a pilot, he will continue to suffer the same cycle of defeat and failure, poverty and incompetence. Unless one realises we can cook our own fate and dish for ourselves a meal we want, they will never live the life we want.

We have set goals for ourselves but life is going to put some obstacles along that road – unless we challenge our fate, we will continue to be a creature of fate forever. We need to rise up and take charge of our lives –our goals , dreams and ambitions .Here is the quotes from one of the wisest man to ever live ,
It had long since come to my attention that people of accomplishment rarely set back and let things happen to them, they went out and happened to things –Leonardo Davinci’s emphasis is that situations can be changed, odds can be defied, conditions can be lived out and that the fate of life can be changed by going out and dictate how things around you should behave .Unless we challenge things in our lives nothing will really change. For how long shall you live at the mercy of that ZWL$500 salary, for how long shall that employment control what you eat at home, what you wear, what you buy and what kind of life you should live?

How long do you want to be a prisoner of fate, how long shall that landlord dictate your life? Life is not too few of opportunities for people who are angry at their fate, who refuse mediocrity, who challenge status quo. One thing is sure, you cannot stop a man who is determined to build an empire, and you cannot stop a man who is determined to start. If you are ready to liberate yourself from the chains of that salary life, rise up and start a business .Joyce Meyer says & I quote “I was sexually, mentally, emotionally and verbally abused by my father year’s back until I left home at eighteen yet I am now one of the most influential preachers in the world”
The lesson I got here is that our past is a past and not a prison –use it to push you and not to pull you. Let your past refine you but not define you.
Harland Sanders, founder of KFC was very much old when he started that business and he was on the verge of suicide. The lesson here is that we can challenge fate – when life says you are too old to start that business, you will be hearing otherwise. When life shows you are too broke to start that business or that company, you do not listen to that – you challenge things in your life. Challenge fate that is around you. Never design your life like you are the one to be lived but like you are the one who is to live. It is very much possible to start that company. What is it that has been dictating your mood and how you live your life – do you still want to live within its limits? Unless we challenge things, circumstances or situations – we will always live to regret, to blame others, to be sad because of our unaccomplished visions, dreams and goals. We need to rise up and take charge of our own life. “Your life will fly by, so make sure you’re the pilot.”  Rob Liano .Life will never stop flying us but we have to make sure we are the pilot of the plane. In the book Rise Up and Salute the Sun: The Writings of Suzy Kassem , this part by Suzy Kassem motivates me “Make your book of life a musical. Never abandon obligations, but have fun leaving behind a colourful legacy. Never allow anybody to be the composer of your own destiny. Take control of your life, and don’t allow limitations implanted by society tell you how your music is supposed to sound — or how your book is supposed to be written.” 

Never allow anything to dictate how your life should read – you are the author of your life. What you decide to write is what people will read, is what circumstances will read.
Do not allow the economy to dictate what kind of life you should live these days. At most, it does not ring in our minds that fate is a thing that can be changed but I want to put this in your head. We can choose to accept fate.
How many times have we made decisions guided by our poor minds but not allowing the inner power to speak out? .We are here to influence circumstances but not to be influenced by them. We do not need to fit in an economy (of poverty, inflation, joblessness amongst others) but we can make the economy fit in our ideas, minds, needs, visions, targets and our plans.
I want people who say we are not accepting to be adjusted by the economy but to adjust the economy. Some people had very good ideas, but they have had to change them because the economy did not agree – there was the Zimbabwean dollar introduced and inflation wants to reach the sky, they then adjusted to fit in the problem they are planning to solve.

That is very dangerous. To adjust to the problem and fit in the problem we want to solve is rather increasing the size of the problem than solving it. A poor mind will succumb to lack, inadequacy, stagnation, insufficiency and all sorts of problems but a successful mind knows that it is born to dominate. To dominate the situations, circumstances and the battles. Giving in to what you are supposed to solve is failure. This is the reason why we have failed educated people. Today you need to say no, I no longer need to make decisions guided or controlled or influenced by our limitations or circumstances but I am going to control them, to govern them and to influence them.

Man ought to be in charge of their own life or destiny .Refuse to be a passenger in your own life .You need to rise up and steer your way out of the mountains and valleys of life without anybody dictating to you how you should do it .I know that life never stops presenting to us opportunities to be where we want to be – but it is us who stop presenting ourselves to these opportunities. We do not realise the meaning of things happening around. Realise the avenues life is creating for you to be out of the pit .You cannot let circumstances continue to bully you around – being bullied to accept fate and subscribe to the demands of fear and lack.

I still believe in the words of Napoleon Bonaparte that, “the battle is a scene of constant chaos, the winner is the one who controls that chaos” .We can choose to control the chaos around us by challenging the fate that we are presently in .We can steer ourselves out of the mud of chaos only if we are courageous enough to get on the steering of our life.

I believe today you have learnt that the multitude of circumstances presenting themselves in your life can be changed. You Rise up and Change them now.
May these words about faith by Martin Luther King encourage you on your endeavour , “Faith is taking the first step even when you do not see the whole staircase. Martin Luther King, Jr.”
Get on the roller coaster of success and let faith not fate fuel you to the edges of success.

Compiled by : Tyron Tinashe Masendu (Founder of Valley of Hope ,Author , inspirational Speaker and mentor)

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