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Christine Nhamo speaks on Women Abuse

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It’s ironic, how thousands of women exchange vows with monsters every day. Like preys, they get tied to its legs with no way to escape. They live their everyday lives clutching to their burning hearts, scared of what the monstrous villain will do next. Most women cry themselves to sleep every day, with no one to tell their emptiness.  They kneel and pray to God wondering which forbidden fruit they ate to deserve such a sad story. Women abuse is wrong and it cannot be justified. It’s sad that some of our African societies still throw a blind eye to this insanity, mistaking disrespect with submission. Women in abusive relations have their voices tamed, they want to run and yet, their hearts are bleeding to death.

Women abuse is a use of any psychological, verbal, physical or sexual force in a relationship. Statistics has it that 1 in 5 women has been a rape victim in their lifetime and most women are being turned into punch bags, betrayed by a kiss. Women’s Aid agrees that, domestic abuse is an incident or pattern of incidents of controlling, coercive, threatening, degrading and violent behavior, including sexual violence, in the majority of cases it is perpetrated by a partner or ex-partner, and also by a family member or a random care giver. In the vast majority of cases, it is experienced by women and is perpetrated by men

I don’t know any other better way to address this but, women need to be respected and treated like queens they are. Hitting or harassing a woman does not show masculinity, abusing a woman is not a way of instilling discipline. Respect is not meant to be forced out of someone, it’s earned, therefore men in relationships have a role to play in order to get the honor they deserve. A king must surely know how to treat his queen.

My favorite song by the late Zimbabwean artist Oliver Mtukudzi called, ‘Tozeza baba’, describe exactly how most women are living in their marriages except, it’s now a modern world. Women are being stripped off all their self-esteem by cursing words, that hurts more than a fist itself. In all my years of innocence, I still fail to figure out how someone wake up to slap the cheek he kissed last night. Most women agree that if they would be given an opportunity by the universe to choose who to marry again, they surely wouldn’t choose the people they got married to. The abuse inside closed doors, is so intense and its sad that most women are still trapped inside, silently screaming for help that never comes.

christine Nhamo

Women abuse is wrong and it must be each and everyone’s priority to make sure it doesn’t happen in our society. Imagine if it was your mother, daughter or sister who is being treated like a defenseless slave, would you sit back and watch? Let’s all do the right thing to ensure the safety of our mothers.

In the bible, God made a woman to be a helper of a man, and he commanded a man to love his wife as Christ love his church. Therefore, if a man does not honor his wife, it simply means he does not deserve a queen in his life.

Another important thing to note is that, domestic abuse in homes does not only affect the woman but it also strangles the children as victims. Most children that grew up in broken homes, end up being so abusive as they grow. Ephraim Nyaganga a Zimbabwean researcher believes that, hurt people, hurts people, and it’s absolutely true. This vicious abusive cycle continues until a lot of innocent people are victimized. Take the house of spiders as an example. A spiders’ web is built on fragile grounds, after mating, a female spider consumes the body of the male spider for strength, later on its children slowly chew on their mother for food. This cycle continues.

Most mirrors tell a horrible story, they record all the blemishes, swollen lips, black eyes which are being caused by the most trusted people, it scares my imaginations. Most women’s self-confidence has been ripped away in cold blood. Their innocence has been robbed by their egocentric, narcissistic partners. Women should know that it’s okay to walk out of toxic relationships least, you get moved away in a coffin. Asking for help is not a weakness and standing up for yourself is not treason. Love yourself so much not to entertain pain.

Let’s help our mothers!

Let’s help our sisters!

Let’s help the stars that carries generations to come!

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