A Double scotch for Nyanga North: Celebrating the genesis of a journey

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It was a day that will go down the history books as a day that all gathered to celebrate success.  It was success that was scored by the people of Nyanga North.

Tsengerai Primary School was the venue.  A fitting locale close to the infamous Ruwangwe Growth Point, just a stone’s throw away from the Chisero Gold Mining claims.  The usually quiet and serene Nyanga North constituency was turned alight by an occasion organized to celebrate for and together with the people of the constituency the ascendancy of Hon. Chido Sanyatwe to be the Member of the House of Assembly representing Nyanga North in Parliament.  She shrugged-off competition from other possible suitors who had intended to land the same coveted post.

The stage was all set with a powerful public address system that could be heard bellowing from as far a land as 10 or so kilometers.  The celebrations where well organized with members of the corporate world gracing the event giving the same companies the opportunity to see around the constituency for possible investment potential. 

Rumors have been going around for some time of the event being an event that would have the who is who’s of local music being billed to belt out tunes from yesteryear and hot tunes topping the airwaves.

When the event started attendees were thrilled by the talent pack of Emmanuel High School Marimba & Mbira ensemble who tore the air with tune after tune of well-orchestrated and well-choreographed tunes that fused Marimba, Mbira and electric instruments.  The crowd was wooed by the dance skills exhibited by the young and promising artists. 

As the day progressed, top artists started pitching up with the likes of The Talented Crocodile Band belting out popular tunes from other artists.  Mai Charamba and Friends together with Baba Charamba did what they know best.

Artists who included Nicholas Zachariah, Andy Muridzo, LKZ, Leonard Karikoga Zhakata, Blessing Shumba and many more entertained and serenaded the party well into the next day. 

Accompanying Mai Sanyatwe was General Sanyatwe whose ascendency through the military ranks to the top echelons of the military command was the other reason why people where gathered in celebration. The General, in his brief but loaded address to celebrants’ present chronicled his journey from the 70s when he left for Mozambique to take up arms and dislodge the Smith colonial regime.  His story took him to the present day when he aptly states that loyalty is supreme over all else. 

Present to help the General celebrate the feat he achieved where different members of the military from various Brigades and detachments.  Also present were members and commanders of his previous command, the Presidential Guard.  The humble General and Amai mixed and mingled with the generality of the public. 

Promises of a greater Ruwangwe and Nyanga North community where made giving a clear indication that the road ahead is clear and well navigated.

The well attended event was graced by members from all political parties with some attesting to the fact that Amai was indeed a unifier since all were welcomed on the day regardless of color, Creed, nationality or political inclination.  Food and drink were served and people drank the night away dancing to the soothing sounds from various top artists who played all through the night. 

Alick Macheso stole the show on his arrival.  The Amai vaRubbi and Mundikumbuke hit maker lived up to expectations as his lyrics and stagecraft capabilities were up to expectation.

As the morrow dawned, those that are always last to leave party venues still had excesses of opaque beer to imbibe on and they had till next late afternoon to empty the last container.

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