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Ti Gonzi, Bridging Dancehall and Hip hop

Trust Mauyasva
Written by Trust Mauyasva

Since the birth of Zimdancehall and Zim Hip hop from the amalgamated urban grooves, a deep division was in existence between the two genres, perhaps due to mere competition for the airwaves.

With time the two genres have seemingly lessened sublime attacks on each other and have come to embrace each others with cross genre collaborations taking place.

Ti Gonzi has stood out as the bridge between Zim hip hop and Zim Dancehall through his own “Hipu hopu yekughetto.” For some time, the two aforementioned genres had been appealing to different audiences within the youth but Ti Gonzi has contributed immensely in attempting to bring together these seemingly warring audiences.

The rapper has made strides in making hip hop relate more  to those that ardently followed Zim dancehall through working with  producers such as Oskidy whose productions were heavily inclined towards Zim Dancehall.

Ti Gonzi’s recent track “MaBazooker, Enzo nemaPumacol” references to Bazooker, Enzo Ishall and Pumacol who are probably the most talked about artistes emerging from the Mangoma Depot Chillspot  Records Stable. The recognition of the trio by Ti Gonzi as well as the trio’s support of the rapper by appearing on the music video was welcomed by excited fans who apparently for a long time have been anticipating that there be mor unity between the local dancehall and hip hop fraternities.

Over the years, Ti Gonzi has worked with Qounfuzed a few times and Platinum Prince featured on Gonzi’s “Zvenyu” remix amongst other cross genre collaborations under his résumé .

The talented Ti Gonzi emerged on the music scene around 2014 working with XnDr and Rehab and was seemingly overlooked and overshadowed till the release of the hit “Zvenyu”. The hit catapulted him into the spotlight and he quickly maximised on the opportunity and went about releasing tracks, steadily building his own fan base.

His “Hipu Hopu YekuGhetto Volume 1” album had a strong impact as it presented an unique strand of Zim hip hop that positively contributed to his rise.

The rapper continuously dazzles and marvel’s fans with his catchy, humorous at times but also smart lines which appear to be far from fading. As the fans continue to celebrate his recover from his near fatal attack about 2½ months, Ti Gonzi has not stopped in his delivery as his collaboration with Ishan proves invincible on various local music charts.

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