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SOCIAL : Budding pencil warrior promoting Zimbabwean tourism…

Trust Mauyasva
Written by Trust Mauyasva

June 2011 stands perhaps as Shanfield Mcleish Moyo’s genesis as a self-taught artist. Moyo embarked on a hobby that would soon prove to be his talent.

From drawing friends and classmates, Moyo’s quality of art improved despite facing ridicule and discouragement from society that scoffed at the idea of art being a viable career valuable enough to live off. However, the warrior armed with a pencil would not deter in his quest to enhance his artistic reach and expertise.

Upon the end of his 2 year sabbatical in 2016 due to his focus on his A level studies, Shanfield having excelled in his Maths, Biology and Chemistry combination, took up his pencil again. The gifted artist turned down opportunities to attend University and persisted in his art.

Shanfield Mcleish Moyo is a keen lover of animals and nature in general and his art leans more on sketches of nature. He hardly watches television but when he does, he is usually tuned in to channels such as National Geographic Wild. It is this fascination with nature from a young age that has infused him with a desire to capture nature in his art.

Some of his works include “The Buffalo” also known as the “Death Stare” which he worked on for 120 hours spread over a period of 3 weeks, from the 4th of March to the 25th. There is also “The Zebra” or “Wall of Comrades” which captures the unity existing amongst the herd which will encircle one of its wounded own in a bid to protect it from attacks from predators.  Shanfield worked on this masterpiece for close to 100 hours between the 16th and 25th of February.

The talented artist has no animal he does not love and neither does he have a favorite one. Each moment he spends on his piece rewards him with a deeper appreciation of that creation. It is through his sketches of animals that Mr Moyo experiences a deep spiritual impact as flora and fauna leave him more impressed by the Creator’s work.

During an interaction with the talented artist, Shanfield said “My biggest inspiration is the responsibility that my mum entrusted me with before she passed away in 2013, that of taking of my 2 young sisters. It is my driving force and it pushes me to strive to utilize my talent to the best of my ability.”

There is no limit that exists for the young talent artist as he has also done absolutely amazing sketches of people. Besides his sisters, Shanfield Moyo has worked on an exceptional portrait of the Zimbabwean Hollywood star Danai Gurira who starred in Marvel films such aa the much talked about “Black Panther”.


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