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Smoking mirrors of appearances

Trust Mauyasva
Written by Trust Mauyasva

A persons looks have for a lengthy period of time become the basis of their worth in other people’s eyes. Stereotypes and prejudicial treatment have persisted along the lines of how one chooses or affords to present themselves.

One of the most common misconceptions that have been absorbed by a majority is that dreadlocks are intertwined with the use or abuse of marijuana, the ragamuffin appearance and at times crime.

Each person internally might recall at least a single incident whereby after the commuter omnibus conductor claimed there was one person’s fare short from his lot and the dread-locked individual was the first to be suspected not to have paid. Each person internally might also recall that in the end it was proven that the passenger with dreadlocks was innocent.

That is an example of some of the prejudices cast upon those who choose that hairstyle. Yet though in a minor scenario, it is however quintessential in showing the depth of the stereotyping put against dreadlocks.

Beyond the common marijuana smoking conventional conception, one must look back into some of the legislators in the present and last two parliaments and recall the politicians who adorn(ed) dreadlocks.

There are also those that have started subscribing to the notion that one’s dress sense determines one’s social standing. Wearing a clothing item designed by the popular fashion guru does not necessarily make one richer, neither does a subtle dress code make one poorer.

People wear what they desire for comfort, the activity and maybe weather. In particular, women might choose to put on shorts or mini skirts because it is hot and they are attending a non formal gathering with close friends. Their choice should not be interpreted as a way of luring the opposite sex. It is also not a reflection of their character

Noble Stylz in “Problem”, alludes to mental slavery as the main reason why people are gullible to those wearing suits. Such an assertion blends with the amount of scams that have cost multitudes of people their money and possessions because they fell for tricks  under the stereotype that dress sense reflects a person’s worth.

When a young individual dresses in jeans, their intellectual worth, character and social standing are not dependent on those jeans. Neither does an elderly individual clothed in a suit necessarily becomes respectable, honourable or knowledgeable.

Some might argue that clothes maketh a man, but when man makes clothes is knowledge, character and value stitched into the fabric as well ? Looks are mere appearances that can be deceiving.

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