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SHOCKING: Vuzu trend with 131 arrests and mystery funding

Trust Mauyasva
Written by Trust Mauyasva

The last Saturday before schools open is often rife with teenage gatherings in and around the Central Business Districts of cities and towns around the nation. Be it the movie theaters, ice cream or fast food outlet, the youngsters will sure make their presence felt.
With the schools second term commencing this Tuesday, the 7th of May, the new school going back to school culture was upheld as teenagers roamed Harare’s CBD leisurely.
Of concern to the parents and law enforcement was the vuzu parties which have become synonymous with these send off weekends. Vuzu parties, though clouded in some mystery as to what they are really, are often illicit drug and alcohol binges that somehow culminate in sex orgies.
Between the hour of 8 and 9pm this past Saturday, one of Zimbabwe’s leading national radio stations had 3 teenagers in studio to discuss these vuzu parties. Interestingly 131 youths were to have been arrested by 12am Sunday night in Bulawayo for partaking in these parties. According to the national news the youngest arrest in connection with these parties is only thirteen years old.
Perhaps the most interesting question raised by the radio presenter who hosted the 3 young guests on Saturday prime time radio was on the funding behind the vuzu parties. As it has become aware that alcohol constitutes a large presence at these parties, with the participants being in school, it would be important to establish the source of the funding for these beverages.
One of the three young ladies in studio alluded the funding being from savings the school goers put together. ‘A dollar per day’ was the answer she gave to defend her assessment on the funding. The other guest chipped in claiming it was part of the trend and it was normal to be part of the ‘in thing’. Her argument was the parties were just about having fun and that the sex orgies were a mere result of poor judgment influenced by alcohol.
Besides what ever line of defense that might be used to justify these vuzu parties, the health risks involved are very huge. From sexually transmitted infections, HIV and AIDS, and unplanned pregnancies to dipsomania, alcohol dementia, respiratory depression, coma or even death. There is no limit to the outcome of these parties. Law enforcement has taken a stern step in curbing this menace, it is now up to parents and guidance to assist in saving the generation of leaders.

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