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Prophecy and Callings, the Social Conversation

Trust Mauyasva
Written by Trust Mauyasva

Prophecy has seemed to cause traffic on the discussions  as society battles to deal with the occurrences in the Christian world. Calling has from the Bible been a Holy election by the Trinity to work for God, intercede for the people and act as the representative of Heaven on earth amongst other noble duties.

Apparently, there has been quite a surge in prophets thereby leading to the mushrooming of discussions on what really is a Prophet and what really is prophecy.

Most have alluded to the Bible as the basis of their arguments whilst using the examples of Moses who saw the burning bush, Samuel who was called by God thrice in the temple and the manifestation of Elijah amongst other divine forms of election mentioned in the Bible.

Those who have mostly referred to these callings have been quite critical of a few prophets in Zimbabwe that have surfaced with claims of having received their callings to the prophetic office.

Furthermore, the issue of spiritual father’s has caused a stir with some being of the view that God only has the right to be a prophet’s father. It should perhaps be explained by the prophets who have other prophets as their spiritual fathers for the better understanding of the public and to eliminate doubt.

The gifting of prophets by beneficiaries of blessings has also been dragged into the discussions with the misunderstanding being that prophets from the Bible such as Elisha, who told Captain Naaman to wash seven times his leprosy away in the river Jordan, did not take presents from the healed man. However some have argued and settled on the notion that times have changed and a prophet receives blessings through those they would have helped.

Yet another critical issue around prophecy and prophets has been the assumption of prophetess office by some of the prophets’ wives. Confusion has arisen over the number of husbands and wives in the Christian denomination who are both serving in the prophetic office.

What has baffled society has been the rate at which callings are said to be received and how transmission of prophetic powers has reportedly been taking place between some prophets and their wives as well as between some prophets and their former associates.

No matter the genuineness of some of the prophets or not, society has to be protected by responsible religious governing bodies in the country. Such organisations have to oversee some of the practices trending in churches to prevent the poisoning, physical and even sexual abuse of congregants by some of these prophets all in the guise of casting out bad spirits.

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