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Presenting deplorable living conditions in “Handirare KuDen Kwenyu”

The year 2018 can at most be attributed as the entrance of Enzo Ishall on the Zimbabwean music scene. Though having released other tracks before, it was “Kanjiva” and “Smart Rinotangira Kutsoka” that placed him on just about any disc jockey’s playlist.

Despite the catchy lines and the much loved dance he popularised, Enzo Ishall presented a window through which the audience can view the deplorable living conditions existing in society.

His song “Handirare KuDen Kwenyu” presents a narration of the woeful state of living that has been exacerbated by the various problems badgering communities such as unemployment, poor and lack of proper housing, rising cost of living and poor sanitation.

In the aforementioned song, Enzo asserts that the house referred to is substandard to a point it does not even equate to a pit. The home is infested by insects of all sorts to a point that the protagonist wakes up with a bout of rash and boils.

This is a reflection of some households marred by excruciatingly inhumane standards but there is no alternative and neither is there a way to improve the condition of the settlement.

In the song “Handirare KuDen Kwenyu” Enzo  Ishall, despite employing the use of hyperbole in some lines in the latter verse, turns to imagery and a more connotative language to conjure up visuals of deplorable living.

The artist in the same breath raises the pertinent concerns which he does through rhetorical questions seemingly directed to the audience disguised as the friend who had offered him shelter for the preceding night.

A view of the song’s official video showcases the visuals that add weight to the lyrical content. The issue of overcrowding in a small space is presented marking a health hazard in the case that one of the room occupants contracts an airborne disease.

Despite the many facets leading to the state of living in the lyrics of Enzo Ishall, in a way the artist is calling for a more focused approach on making the best of the little that is available at one’s disposable.

Minus the depth of his content in the song in question the Zimdancehall “Stallion” released a hit that fans continue to groove to, singing along to his lines. The fans continue to receive his music with enthusiasm.

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