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Is morality under threat?

Trust Mauyasva
Written by Trust Mauyasva

Over the course of the last year or so, tabloids have been populated by a lot of news stemmed in extra marital liasons across a spectrum of sectoral groupings. What has been quite bothersome from the news is perhaps the constant increase and how it has lost that awe in readers as the society is slowly normalising such. As of late, the affairs have entered religious institutions and even in the communal leadership setup. It is quite appalling that those that act as the guardian’s of the society’s moral fiber are being consumed in this growing issue within communities. Church leaders have for so long functioned as the representation of the religious laws and beliefs. Marriages are officiated by religious leaders and these leaders also aim to bring counselling and stability to marriages and unions that often find themselves on shaky ground after problems such as infidelity have bedeviled them. Therefore it is fearsome to note how congregants especially those in marriage will choose to behave in terms of trusting the man of cloth with their marital issues considering the scandals that are apparently engulfing certain religious denominations’ leadership. On the other side of the community, when a communal head who functions as the immediate social judicial representative, is involved in infidelity with a married member of the community, faith in the leadership will decrease. Society looks up to these leaders as the closest form of law and morality that exists amongst them. It is these offices that an ordinary person can run to in any case of problems within their household. But, when the nearest solution or probable answer to a problem is involved in one of morality’s red flags, then the faith of the society is left wandering for a new home. When the people themselves begin to take the news without much surprise it is worrisome for is becomes clear that the moral fiber of society is no longer that strong. If one is to argue that it is being caused by lack of care for the standards the community should conform to, then it would interesting to reply that some of those that are the custodians are actually at the forefront of severing fiber. Then out of the whole issue a problem of the future emerges. Culture is dynamic and so is constantly evolving and adapting to what societies are normalising, those that are growing into adulthood are therefore simply to learn what they see for that is the culture they know.  Hope is that the problem that is creeping into the safe confines of society will be curbed so as to minimise the rapid normalisation of ways that were quite disturbing in the near past. The threat that the societies standards of morality are facing can be reduced by a more respectful management of community offices the leaders are elevated to.

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