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Hairstyling, the Neglected Form of Art

Trust Mauyasva
Written by Trust Mauyasva

Hair has always been something so dear and precious mostly to women. Whilst for men dreadlocks, plaited hair for some and simple hair cuts maybe with a fade and some lines have been the most common. For ladies there have been so many designs.

Overall, hairstyling has been proven to be an art that should also be respected as it can be used to express a person’s persona. Film and music videos have been the biggest influences on hairstyling besides culture and religion as is the case with followers of Rastafarianism and the Maasai men with dreadlocks with a red tint.

Hair reflects a particular form of history and heritage carried from the previous generations of a particular set of people. Hair has also been used by some as a political tool to resist forced cultural erosion.

Women will perhaps be familiar with hairstyles they saw in some of their favourite movies and on celebrities especially during A-List red carpet events. In salons they might remember posters bearing creative hairstyles adorned by pop stars.  Men might recall the hair cuts adorned by footballers and hip hop stars mostly that populate posters hanging in the barber shops.

From the Nas signature blade, the Tupac Shakur and DMX clean shave to the mohawk style that David Beckham adorned during his career in Europe. The World Cup and AFCON have also been platforms to display various hairstyles on the soccer stars  In the same mold that a wordsmith arranges his/her words a hairstylist parts or trims hair in their endeavour to offer a perfected outcome pleasing the bearer of the style and the public that marvels at it.

A hairdo aids to a particular sense of dress and theme of event thereby acting as art in the presentation of one. It is for this reason that formal organisations maintain a particular sense of hairstyle for their employees for the sake of appearance though some have started loosening the conditions on hair. Hairstylists are artists whose canvas is the head of their client on which they explore and showcase their depth or creative artistry.

Salons and barbershops function as art spaces to work on perfecting skills. Whether it is trimming, braiding, twisting and any other methods of crafting epic hairstyles, it is the creation of art. Hair stylists are in a way image artists helping individuals with their public presentation.


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