Fires cause for concern at fuel stations as fuel woes persist

Trust Mauyasva
Written by Trust Mauyasva

Long winding fuel queues have re-emerged with a widespread presence. The patience killing queues have in the last two days been snaking and worming around the capital with motorists at times forced to spend the night at fuel stations.

With the harsh cold building on a daily basis as the nation is moving towards the dreaded month of June, the fuel woes have become the other end of a sandwiching experience for the motorists who find themselves between two hard spots
A quick view in the eastern suburbs of the capital exposed a rather terrible trend that could prove disastrous should the worst happen. Some motorists, having spent the night in line to fuel their vehicles with the scarce liquid, are resorting to lighting fires so as to keep warm.
Not only is lighting fires anywhere an environmental crime, but it is also a risky deed in a nation that spent the last 7 weeks of 2018 living on edge due to the high rate of fires that erupted all over the nation. The unforgettable fires of late last year burnt victims to death beyond recognition, devastated communities and livelihoods especially in Glen View Area 8 and Mbare’s Siyaso area.
Should the lighting of fires by queuing motorists not be stopped, communities will be placed at a risk of loss of property due to fire. It is worth mentioning that some of the fires could be seen fading out unattended the following mornings after these grueling fuel Vigils. Some will even be smoldering close to fuel trucks parked a few metres away from the filling pumps.
The high number of vehicles and their occupants will be placed in danger should there not be proper installation of conscientiousness of safe and responsible behaviour among queuing motorists.

A fuel station stands as perhaps the most dangerous of all places to have a bare fire in sight. Smoking has proved also to be another recurrent issue that needs careful attention. It should be done with the utmost care and a distant further from the radii of fuel stations. Cigarette stubs have to be put out well before discarding.

Most fuel stations outside the central business district zone are found nearby mini grasslands which turn to spread fires rapidly. It is therefore necessary to use fires in these areas responsibly and also ensure the same for the one nearest to you so as to prevent an unnecessary blaze.

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