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Conviviality, a culture and marketing practice

Trust Mauyasva
Written by Trust Mauyasva

With the age of technology in swing and advancements continuously being created by innovative brands, the world has been placed on the fingertips.
The result in Zimbabwe has been fast flow of all kinds of information, from and to has become the thrust of content as material is pushed for viral status.
It would seem that brands, companies and outlets have caught on the wave and prioritized brand awareness with puns, references, caricature and parodies.
Conviviality has become the new Zimbabwean culture apparently as seen by how occurrences, no matter the depth of effect they have, end off as parodic as possible.
Some local businesses have maximized on this form of art and taken it up in marketing of their brands and products whilst also heightening and lengthening conviviality.
The range of businesses employing caricature, parody and pun to their advertisements extend from banking institutions to fast food outlets.
Effectively, it sheds clarity on how these entities are advancing in terms of their scope on the market and how they are leading their competition in use of technology.
In these adverts from about a year back, sampled have been popular business persons dealings and troubles, the cabinet changes, a university student love scandal, the nudity pose craze and recently the fuel increase.
All these events had attracted a lot of attention from Zimbabweans online with various comments tossed in the fray. However, it would be the joviality emanating from certain jokes, comments and though frame that helped shape the content created by marketing teams from these businesses. One or two brands have actually brought about the lighter moment to these issues with their humoristic originality.
Online content creators such as Prosper Ngomashi the Comic Pastor who are leaders in framing the jovial nature in matters that trend locally have also been key in promoting certain brands.
Their quick creation of caricature and parodies has seen them attract huge followings and thus becoming important persons in promotional work.
The Conviviality, a culture and marketing practiceonviviality, a culture and marketing practice culture of conviviality has been perpetuated by the flow of information which has placed the recipient closer to the encoder of the information. Now some news reaches the audience before it has been filtered.

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