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Bustop TV mirrors the Society…

Trust Mauyasva
Written by Trust Mauyasva

Comedy as a genre, though hilarious, functions as an art form that shows the audience the absurdities of life. The genre has for countless centuries been used to say out certain truths with some aura of safety. Things you can’t easily say in everyday garb can easily be said through comedy.

Comedy and comic characters have the prime duty to act as the mirror of society, reflecting on the bad, the faulty, the decay and the dents prevalent within people. All this is done in an amusing way to make the message brought to the fray bearable to man. In Zimbabwe, Bustop TV has made great strides in showing how art can be a valuable support system to society in a way that palliates issues often dreaded in mainstream media .

The comedy production company, founded as PO Box by Lucky Aaroni together with Admire Kuzhangaira and Rolland Langa commonly known as Bhutisi and Boss Kedha respectively in 2014, has maintained their dominance in the spotlight by its quick and creative concepts that the audience can link to real life scenarios but still finding it extremely humorous.

The founders parted ways in 2015 and Aaroni would re-brand the company to Bustop TV. Comedians, Samantha Kureya aka Gonyeti and Sharon Chidewu aka Magi have become popular for their skits under the Bustop TV brand and have both been nominated for the 2016 ZIWA Award and Chideu making it on the recent NAMA nominees list for best comedian. Kureya also gave an amazing performance when she shared the stage with Anne Kansiime.

The company has made trends on social media with their skits touching on various aspects including pregnancy, family relations, communal relations, small to medium enterprises development as well as politics.

As is the case with many other artists, the Bustop TV team has faced various setbacks and challenges from the departure of the Comic Pastor Prosper Ngomashi and the arrest of the cast amongst others, the group has not deterred in its endeavors but has persisted in pursuit of the achievements of their work.

Nevertheless, Bustop TV has been successful in pointing out how art, in particular comedy, has the ability to expose the defects in doing and acts that cannot be addressed directly for various reasons.

The artists have created content that infiltrates minds through laughter and initiate a recurring thought on the happenings in society. Their content is more than just art for art’s sake, but is more of a movement in pursuit of a desire to have art being recognized as an important aspect to the nation.

By Trust Mauyasva


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