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Breaking:Daylight robbery surges wide.

Trust Mauyasva
Written by Trust Mauyasva

The grim of the city has reared its ugly head again, as theft wormed its way into the streets.

Narrations of victims quick grab and flee, has arisen in the past 2 months, with the information proving that the once sacred quiet suburbs have become imminent hotspots.

What had been attributed to night traveling is now taking place in broad daylight with mobile devices, wallets, purses and handbags being the most targeted items.

Barely 6 weeks ago, the ‘hipu hopu yeku ghetto’ proponent Ti Gonzi, had the hip hop fraternity in a deep state of concern, after he was robbed and severely wounded by criminals under the guise of taxi operators.

Accounts of several more related incidents have been disseminated across social media platforms with stern warnings against boarding any vehicle in sight.

However, the public might have taken extreme caution hence the daylight robberies have emerged.  There seems to be a handful of criminals operating in pairs in areas near Eastlea, Newlands and Borrowdale.

The youth who usually take walks with their ears drowning in music played off their phones have proved to be the most targeted individuals. Women and motorists have not been spared as well.

Reports claim that two to three criminals in various small vehicles are moving around in the quiet low suburbs pouncing on isolated individuals, and getting away with mobile phones and anything of value. Motorists parked by the road side have also proven to be at risk of losing their valuables to this syndicate.

The criminal blueprint layout seems to include the driver, whose hands never dare to leave the steering wheel, as the accomplice disembarks from the vehicle to grab whatever they have set their eyes on and dash back into the vehicle to flee.

The public is urged to pay due diligence to their movements on the roads. Try not to move around with valuables on unnecessarily displayed . Motorists as well, are encouraged to maintain maximum security precautions and not leave their vehicles unlocked even when attending to urgent business close by.

Any suspicious individuals and vehicles moving in shady rounds must be reported to the nearest police with immediate effect. Any effort to alert the police will be adequately useful in minimizing the number of victims on the hand of these criminals.

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