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Art or nu*dity and the social media jury…

Trust Mauyasva
Written by Trust Mauyasva

Cultural fundamentalists consider nu*dity a taboo, hence its associates, including dancing provocatively, skimpy dressing and ‘daring’ music videos are considered to be un-African and profane. The artists are also taken to be ultimate embarrassments to themselves, their families, communities and indeed their nations.
Two national beauty pageant winners had to relinquish their coveted thrones after their pictures in their extreme absence of fabric sneaked onto social media, one after the other.

Netherlands based singer, Vimbai, dared the venom of the public by posting her pictures in her skin suit. Unexpected but to her that was art and she intended to celebrate the African woman’s body. The basis of her defense being in the history of dress in Africa before the trickling in of colonialists.
Her supposed aim, to plant the seed of inspiration and pride in the African woman’s body received an arsenal of criticism, raining from various persons across the local social media spectrum.
It does seem that the bare flesh trend, if the act by the singer is seen as so, is not ready to be raised and nurtured locally or anywhere across Africa save for some localized communities that embrace it.
The sacredness of the woman’s flesh is held in high regard as sacrosanct in Zimbabwe. As such, any slight deviation from the accepted norm is seen as a threat to national values.
Scars resulting from one’s personal gallery making the famous tour on the public playground have proved to be indelible. The art of rousing controversy centered around nu*dity can be career suicide as the content is highly likely to be brushed of a mere smut.
Time has the answer to the fate of the emerging culture of raw content in local music, videos, literature and photography. It’s survival is more likely to be beset more than Zimdancehall during the era of it’s inception.

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