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Voice of Township Girls taking vulnerable girls off the streets

Takasununguka Ziki
Written by Takasununguka Ziki

By Takasununguka Ziki

Voice of Township Girls (VOTG) is a free for all Girls-only community based service that supports girls through sport in Zimbabwe. It supports all girls who are socially and economically disadvantaged, marginalized and or isolated.

VOTG Chairman Mr. Tapiwa Ndewere said, ” We target engaging girls who are in transitional stages of their lives. Stages such as during school or college, during holidays and at the moment they wait to get a job.” He says it is during these times that idleness creeps into the lives of girls and makes them vulnerable to abuse.

The Voice of Township Girls programme will use sport to bring positivity and practical ways to living meaningful lives. The programme will also seek to connect like-minded girls to help them tackle matters that affect them all. The main sport codes that will be used by the VOTG programme will include Soccer, volleyball and netball in the main and any other that can be considered from time to time.

Our main focus is the prime stages of the life of a girl when they are in need of signposting and support. “”There is always a stage when a girl wants to be noticed.” said Mr. Gladman Dimbiri one of the programme’s Chief Executive Officers. He went on to say that they also yearn to create an awareness on the dangers of early child marriages, drug and alcohol abuse and HIV/AIDS issues.

VOTG CEO Mr. Dimbiri

The programme also seeks to tackle issues of early teenage pregnancies, and child marriages. “We will challenge societal ills that facilitate these harmful practices that have long affected girls over many years,” said Mr. Tapiwa Ndewere.

VOTG Chairman Mr. Tapiwa Ndewere

One of the objectives of the VOTG programme will be to help girls achieve their full potential to become productive and and active members of society. It also seeks to develop further, the physical and mental issues that affect the girl child.

Within the VOTG programme is a project that has been termed, “The Smile Project” that will be run every now and again across the country. This project just seeks to put smiles on the face of the girl child. There will be camps where girls from across the country congregate and share ideas, have discussions on topical issues that affect them and also participate in entertaining tasks so that in the end they forget about their predicaments and possible black pasts from past problems they could have faced.

Mr. Sibusisiwe Dimbiri a co-Chief Executive Officer said, “We have devised a programme of activities and events for 2019 that will include daily programmes running from Monday to Friday from 1200 noon held daily at Chiedza Children’s Home.” He went on to say that, “On a daily basis from 1500hrs they will hold different programmes and sporting activities at the Matapi flats open space.”

The last Saturday of every month there will be “Street visits” where girls living on the streets will also be incorporated and taken on board to facilitate a transition of the girls from the streets to the home.

The official launch and Tournament has been penciled for the 29th of June 2019 at a venue to be advised. In November there will be a grand end of year event that will see girls from across the country assemble with a common goal, that of self discovery and empowerment.

Sponsors and committed volunteers will also be taken on board to see a successful Voice of Township Girls shaping into posterity.

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