The volcano that never was, as Idai ravages Bikita: Masvingo

Takasununguka Ziki
Written by Takasununguka Ziki

By Takasununguka Ziki

Social Media went ablaze with news of a supposedly simmering volcano ready to erupt in Mt. Mapadza in Chief Mazungunye’s jurisdiction in Bikita District. After the CPU was activated to make head and tail of what it really was, it turned out that the Cyclone Idai-induced rains that continuously pounced on Bikita had soaked the mountain and caused the ground to give in to the estimated 10 to15 tonne weight of the colossal boulder.

As the rock fell, it’s movement down the treacherous cliff created what people presumed to be “smoke” and “flames” created from the friction resultant off the rock boulder as it rolled down the cliff.

Such experiences and more had never been known to the quiet community of Bikita. Experiences of past cyclones where known to bring rains in their excesses with limited violence, but this time, the community of Bikita was ravaged by a raging storm that left a trail of unending destruction.

Families there where devastated and a sombre atmosphere engulfed the once peaceful, quiet Bikita populace whose Harurwa fame forever beams as their treasured delicacy for generations to come. As we are in the Harurwa harvesting season, little did people know that their daily routines would be cut short as they now are pre-occupied with a major task of reconstructing damaged infrastructure and livelihoods.

Plenty of families are in dire need of urgent food supplies. Their situation has been worsened by the Idai induced storms after they were already bearing the brant of an El NiƱo induced drought that was prevalent in the vast expanse of the Harurwa community.

Orphans, women and vulnerable groups were not spared. Their cases are worse than the rest because they have always been living at the mercy of poverty and deprivation.

The situation in Bikita is dire and there is urgent need for humanitarian aid to save the situation.

Together we can help the people of Bikita see through to the next farming season in the midst of their far reaching problems cutting across hunger, dispersed and broken families, scattered dreams, damaged infrastructure and an unending desire for a bright and prosperous future for the community of Bikita.

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