The President led by example: Monthly cleanup campaign spreads to remote areas

Takasununguka Ziki
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The National monthly cleanup campaign that was launched by HE. ED Mnangagwa has spread like veld fire with even the most remote settlements of the nation taking up the programme.

Despite the skepticism that had clouded most people in remote, not-too-urban settlements since the launch of the programme, it has now been adopted in such areas. One such place is Ruwangwe Growth point in Nyanga District. The growth point is growing at a slow pace yet it is located in a conclave of mining claims which include the famous Nyamukondeza, Nyazingwe and Chisero. The Growth point is close to a Mission establishment which has 3 big institutions: Emmanuel High School, Elim Mission Hospital and Elim Manjanja Primary School.

The cleaning programme was coordinated by the Nyanga North Constituency Coordinator Cde. Taundi and the Environmental Health Technician Mr. Zimunya who implored members of the public to be conscious of whatever they do so that they are aware of the need to keep their immediate environments clean and litter-free.

As the programme was conducted in and around the growth point, all people available during the event took part in cleaning the bushy area around the shops where litter was lodged in the bushes. Entertainment was offered by Mr. Chowa of Emmanuel High School together with his band of Music learners who played music with themes centred on the environment. Learners from Ruwangwe Secondary school also recited poems to spice up the day.

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