The MDC Congress: Nominations and the Perpetuation of Male Chauvinism

Takasununguka Ziki
Written by Takasununguka Ziki

By Takasununguka Ziki

Like the saying goes, life is full of surprises so are the developments in the country’s largest and main opposition party, the MDC.

Preparations for the May Congress and the ongoing congress nomination process has produced some surprises in the individuals selected by provinces for the main elective congress billed for this coming month.

Nominees for the youth assembly tussle have seen a forerunner in Obey Sithole, who has received two nominations so far from Matabeleland South and North ahead of the current secretary-general Lovemore Chinoputsa and the firebrand activist, Haruziviishe Makomborero.
The incumbent, Chinoputsa has one nomination so far from the United States of America branch.

In the converted main wing, MDC president Nelson Chamisa has so far received three nominations, there has not been the same consistency for his lieutenants.

Chamisa is expected to be challenged by secretary-general Douglas Mwonzora, who has, however not yet received any nomination for the presidency by time of going to press . Mwonzora’s loyal acolytes are positive that tables will turn as nominations continue to trickle in.

Sithole said although the race was still alive, taking an early lead sends a clear message that the youth want a refreshed and vibrant assembly thay will take a the lead role in fighting for their future.

“Given the predicament we are in, the priority is to recruit and mobilize the youth dividend to take part in all the political processes in the party. We need to create a more loyal and astute citizenry ready to exercise their constitutional rights in fighting against establishment.

One Clifford Malingwa was nominated for the vice-chair post. On the other hand, a Ostallos Siziba received nominations for the secretary-general’s position in both Matabeleland South and North provinces.

Chamisa received a third nomination and Biti, Ncube and Komichi who aspire to land the vice-presidency received a nominations each in Matabeleland North province.

One Joel Gabuza was nominated for the chairman’s post while the incumbent chair, Tabitha Khumalo was nominated for the treasurer-general’s post.

With the continued jostling for positions there have been apparent rifts between camps aligned to the top members of the executive. One is a camp aligned to Adv. Chamisa who seems to be leading the race of nominations and a coalition between Adv. Mwonzora and Eng. Mudzidzi on one side.

A person needs just one nomination to have his or her face on the ballot. With this clause at the disposal of all members, it is easy to see any face on the ballot.

With the current worrying developments in the Movement for Democratic change, trends in Africa and the world continue to perpetuate male chauvinism and solidify a patriarchal trend of males dominating political space and domineering over the woman folk.

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