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Tapiwa Ndewere Partners Bodyarts Gym’s Christopher Karikoga in a Sport Transforming Initiative

Takasununguka Ziki
Written by Takasununguka Ziki

The incorporation of Bodyarts Gym comes as part a comprehensive training programme for all athletes ranging from Sprinters, Jumpers, Soccer Players and athletes from all other sport codes

Bodyarts Gym of Ruwa in Zimbabwe has partnered Mr. Tapiwa Ndewere in another notable deal that will certainly see the sporting industry grow to unprecedented levels. Mr. Ndewere a seasoned sports Coach, Trainer, Administrator and Consultant has joined forces with Mr. Christopher Karikoga Ruwa based Bodyarts Gym.

The partnership deal seeks to empower the marginalized and vulnerable athletes from all over the nation of Zimbabwe in Fitness and conditioning services that will see to it that up and coming together with seasoned athletes receive professional fitness and conditioning programmes.

The incorporation of Bodyarts Gym comes as part a comprehensive training programme for all athletes ranging from Sprinters, Jumpers, Soccer Players and athletes from all other sport codes you may think of. Located in Ruwa, Bodyarts Gym has over the years been a centre for athlete development catering for all athletes in the area and from areas outside Ruwa. The well equipped gym offers services that when used will see the development of athletes to levels never seen before.

Mr. Ndewere said, “We go out into the communities where we identify talent in athletes from age 5 upwards and provide an appropriate training package for individual athletes and teams then we start our training programs with these athletes.”

“We have a couple of athletes whom we are training and our main motivation is to bridge the gap by providing opportunities to marginalised children and older athletes. We are will also have holiday training programs for athletes who are currently committed in schools with their academic work.” said Mr. Ndewere.

Gym owner and renown fitness and conditioning trainer Mr. Christopher Karikoga went on to explain how the Bodyarts Gym deal has already started paying dividends as the facility is already providing free fitness and conditioning services to the Homeless World Cup team which is set to travel to Cardiff in July of 2019 for a Homeless tournament.

Mr. Karikoga went on to say, “The benefits of our comprehensive training package is that every athlete who passes through us is properly developed. Some athletes who are failing to access proper training facilities due to difficult backgrounds also have a chance of being trained professionally and free of charge. Who knows they (Athletes) may get a club and transformation would have taken place.” said Mr. Karikoga.

Located at number 170 Mupfuti, Ruwa Industrial area, the gym boasts of state of the art equipment that will surely transform the lives of athletes who under normal conditions wouldn’t have benefited from such an arrangement. The deal will target athletes from all sport codes that include footballers, sprinters, hurdles, jumpers, volleyball players, Table tennis players among many others.  

One sure way that will see the success of this program is the application of scientific coaching and  training methods in rolling out the programmes to all sport codes. Since the programme has already started Bodyarts Gym have engaged athletes from around Ruwa who are benefiting from the program both academically (as they sponsor athletes with school Fees), physically as they get fitness facilities and one on one special training programmes.

With such deals, the country will sure see the churning out of well rounded athletes ready to meet any challenge on any field of play.

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