Schools join fundraising initiatives for Cyclone Idai

Takasununguka Ziki
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By Takasununguka Ziki

When the spirit of hunhu/Ubuntu catches a nation, it sets ablaze the urge to help in situations of need. Zimbabweans have a strong, heavily engrained urge to help. When Zimbabweans see people in situations of need, they do not fold hands and leave them to live at the mercy of the vagaries of nature. They set out and go in full force to face the predicament headlong.

The 4th of April 2019 witnessed an awesome event being held at Emmanuel High School in Ruwangwe, Nyanga where various activities where held to fundraise for the victims of cyclone Idai who are in Chipinge and Chimanimani.

The day was so busy as teachers and learners all set out to make sure the fundraising initiative would see the light of day.

Various Clubs and Societies at the School put their hands together in an attempt to raise items and funds to help the needy. Clubs that where involved in the initiative included the Youths in Action, Youth Against AIDS, Music, Toastmasters, Literary Society, Drum Majorretes, Gomo Foundation, Leo Club, Basketball, Volleyball and many more. The whole school came out in one accord, with one voice as they gave their all.

Various items where donated by the school community. Items received included among many other things, clothing, food, Stationery, uniforms, soaps and toiletries among an assortment of goods received.

Fundraising activities included song, dance, drama, mimicking, lip syncing, basketball, volleyball and soccer matches. Teams and individuals who participated paid participation fees. Cash pledges where also made and honored and all cash donations will be used to purchase sanitary pads to help the young girls in Manicaland’s Chipinge and Chimanimani.

“In such trying times, its the vulnerable groups that suffer most and need a shoulder to lean on.” These where the words of Emmanuel High School Headmaster Mr. Philemon Mandiwoma in his official address to the school community.

The lead event organizer Ms. Marvelous Chagaka said they were pushed by the plight of the people in the cyclone ravaged parts of Manicaland Province. She said when a fellow man suffers, the citizenry has to react and act to make life a bit easier for the affected and traumatized.

“Without such help, the affected will be psychologically affected.” said the Guest of Honor Mr. Christopher Tsvamuno, the deputy Headmaster at Elim Manjanja Primary school. He said he is short of words to appreciate the excellent work being done by young learners with the support of their teachers.

Giving a hand helps to thaw the pained hearts of the afflicted. With such continuing initiatives, we will sure see the communities rehabilitated and reconstructed.

Poetry pieces that where presented by the learners at Emmanuel High were a true testimony to the big heart that these learners have to the plight of their compatriots in the affected areas. One poet whose poetic prowess touched the hearts of many is Form 1 learner, Nokutenda Nyamusa. She succinctly and aptly created a vivid image of the sorry state of the situation created by Idai. If her words she says, “Idai, we don’t want you, hatikude.”

The day bore testimony that even the leaners in schools have been touched by the plight of victims of Idai and want to also make sure they give their hand to save the suffering souls of Manicaland.

If you help a soul, you build a Nation. The hope of the people of Chimanimani and Chipinge and indeed all other provinces affected lies in the people of Zimbabwe.

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