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Pokello Nare: Beauty, Brains and Passion…

Takasununguka Ziki
Written by Takasununguka Ziki

By Takasununguka Ziki & Sir Peter Munyanyi

Pokello Nare has been a motivation to the positive minded, forward looking Zimbabwean. She has been a revelation to the world and has represented what has always been termed grabbing the opportunity as it comes.

Many have called her a socialite because she is raring, daring and dazzling. Her aristocratic personality is so astute and she thrives on taking chances. She never leaves an opportunity to pass her way without her grabbing it. Her popularity has been scaling dizzy heights as she aims for the stars. This is one lady who has written her own piece of history to such an extent that her name has become a household in the arts, fashion and entertainment circles.

Pokello is a businesswoman of naught. She has been into fashion and and is also a former Big Brother Africa (BBA) housemate. Her performance in the house shocked many as she shook the house with her prowess and ability to grab at any opportunity that passes her way. She was popular with her touch of excellence and her particularity to detail in all she did.

She has landed the title, the Queen of Swag, and for sure swag flows in her veins.
She is one of those few personalities that have popularized the African print fabric in her fashion lines.

Ms Nare is one person who is proud of her identity. She never bashful for who she is. Her brains have helped her grab at fortune. For fortune favors the brave. She is a daring soul who never weeps over little problems. She has that air of bravado that has always helped her create a legacy that will be difficult to obliterate. She is one confident character who never fears at starting anything new. This feel of the avante garde has taken her far and wide. Thanks to her daring resolve, it has taken her far and wide. She has sure traveled the length and breadth of the world.

A beautiful, succulent and soulful being whose beauty and fashion taste leaves plenty of tongues wagging. Pokello is magnificently built and is so proud of her stature that she is never falling shy of bragging for her stature and magnificence. Often times she has taken to social media to show off her beauty, brains and passion that she has long held in manners so strong as fortresses that build towers of strength.

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