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“No to College and Varsity fee hikes” : Prof. Murwira

Takasununguka Ziki
Written by Takasununguka Ziki

Minister of Higher and Tertiary Education, Science and Technology Development Professor Amon Murwira has said that colleges and universities will not be raising tuition fees until the US$20 million student loan facility being initiated by Government is operational.

Prof. Murwira stated in an interview after the launch of a modern Information, Communication, and Technology (ICT) infrastructure donated by UNESCO and Republic of Korea at Masvingo Teachers’ College last Friday, that increasing fees in colleges and universities should correspond with an increase in salaries by employers.

He also intimated that the government’s student loans scheme was almost operational. He said:

“As a ministry, we are conscious of the Government’s austerity measures and we would not randomly increase fees in colleges and universities. We do not want to be part of the problem of fuelling inflation through arbitrary fee hikes.

“Local banks have agreed on a scheme with the Ministry of Finance and Economic Development. The scheme has seen the Ministry injecting US$10 million, as educational loans and it is almost operational. The money has been deposited with banks and it is expected to increase to US$20 million.”

The minister also said that the loan facility was flexible and students would be given more time to make repayments. He said:

“The payback time is flexible depending on the capacity of the students plus this will be a revolving fund. So it is when these loans are operational that we can talk of raising fees.

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