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Netball Gems not Rewarded fully: Zimbabwe

Takasununguka Ziki
Written by Takasununguka Ziki

Information just received intimates that the Zimbabwe national Netball team, the Gems, have revealed that they are not impressed by the rewards they are getting for participating in the Vitality Netball World Cup in Liverpool, UK. Reports suggest that the players have so far received US$1 500 out of the unknown amount that will be paid in both the Zimbabwe dollar and the US dollar.The Gems displayed an impressive performance on their debut World Cup that saw them sliding to number 8 from the 13th they previously held.One player spoke anonymously to the Herald and said:_I think we have done well and I think, in between there, our morale has gone down because of some issues. But I think we have done so well. Even though we have those issues we have proven that we can do it all the time, whether we have issues or not. But I think we have done it.__I think the main issue for us, to tell the truth was money and I think it’s still the issue but we have managed to come this far to be here without that money.__It just lowers the morale for the players because sometimes we just think I am playing for nothing.__We have been given some money but it’s not enough_.The player added that it would be prudent for players to first see their contracts before they participate in any tournament. She further said that playing without knowing your contract was neither good nor professional.

Takasununguka Ziki

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