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Mwonzora chickens out of MDC May Congress, cites irregularities

Takasununguka Ziki
Written by Takasununguka Ziki

By Takasununguka Ziki

The current MDC Alliance (MDC) Secretary General Advocate Douglas Mwonzora has raised the red flag and has registered what he termed unfairness in the nomination process as the reason for his sudden u-turn and imminent pulling out from participating in the forthcoming party elective congress.

Advocate Mwonzora popularly known as mkoma Dougie was tipped to be the main threat and a likely contender for the presidential post. As nominations progressed and continued to trickle he was never nominated for the presidency. He later was quoted in the media as registering his withdrawal from gunning for high office of the presidency to settle for the lesser post he has held since the last congress, that of Secretary General.

He is later on quoted as withdrawing completely from running for any post in the MDC. Citing his Withdrawal, Adv. Douglas Mwonzora has revealed that he had registered his dissatisfaction on the matter with the relevant authorities who took no action. He had this to say:

“I am no longer able to continue participating in the current elective congress. Once I raised my concerns with the chairperson of the Independent Electoral Commission being run by the ZCTU, led by Mr Japhet Moyo and nothing has been done, I therefore have to withdraw because I do not wish to see the party divided. I will not continue participating in the congress under the present circumstances if the concerns I have raised remain unresolved.”

Adv Mwonzora, who is current secretary-general did not clarify on the intricacies of the kind of issues that made him withdraw outrightly from the race. He only mentioned that they were “internal issues” and that, “there are a number of concerns that I raised but were not addressed.”

The withdrawal of Mwonzora means the road to the presidency for Adv. Chamisa is clear and we will certainly have his face on the ballot come 2023. A Source close to matters unfolding in the MDC Alliance who chose to remain anonymous for fear of victimization said all the problems unfolding in the MDC emanate from the presence of renegade members who came back to the party with the formation of the alliance. He also admitted massive intimidation, rigging and altering of the voting collage.

“There have been massive manipulating of party structures in his favour and making it difficult for his challengers to come out and openly campaign ahead of the congress. His rivals are also not happy that voting is by way of raising hands” said the source in open reference to Adv. Chamisa.

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