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Mupfumira Denied Bail, Remanded to over 20 Days in Custody

Takasununguka Ziki
Written by Takasununguka Ziki

Under investigation Minister Mupfunira has been locked up for 21 days after the magistrate denied her bail. ZBC News exclusively revealed that Minister Mumpfumira is facing corruption charges involving abusing her public office and misappropriating approximately $95 Million dollars from NSSA when she was still Public Service Minister.Mupfumira’s Charge sheet shows that she allegedly:- Siphoned over US$500 000 from Nssa for personal use and, – Siphoned over US$40 million in ‘illegal’ investments she reportedly directed the State pension manager during her tenure as Public Service Minister. – Verbally instructed then permanent secretary, Ngoni Masoka, to get a loan advance of US$90 000 for the purchase of her ministerial vehicle (Toyota Land Cruiser ADX-0878), Nssa does not have that provision. – Accepted another ministerial vehicle from the government, a Range Rover registration ADY-6878. – Received US$101 814,80 from Nssa’s corporate social responsibility budget and converted the sum to personal use detailed under “advances to parent ministry”. – Ordered Nssa to inflate its budget to US$350 000 before claiming US$303 520 for personal and political interests in her constituency. – Directed the advancement of US$62 250 000 worth of Treasury Bills in March 2017 as double cover to struggling MetBank which in turn misappropriated US$37 035 000 of it. – As a result, another US$4 908 750 was lost to MetBank in June 2017 in an opaque housing scheme as a result of a directive alleged to have come from Mupfumira who demanded that the deal be signed within 48 hours. – Drawcard (Pvt) Ltd of Gweru also prejudiced Nssa of US$6 500 000 under similar circumstances.

Takasununguka Ziki

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