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Mahere appointed MDC Secretary Of Education, PTUZ critical

Takasununguka Ziki
Written by Takasununguka Ziki

Firebrand Teacher’s union leader, the Progressive Teachers Union of Zimbabwe Secretary General, Raymond Majongwe has slammed MDC President, advocate Nelson Chamisa’s appointment of advocate Fadzai Mahere as the party Secretary for Education, Sports, and Culture.

Majongwe says that PTUZ cannot accept the idea that the MDC does not have an organic Educationist. Majongwe tweeted:

“As the PTUZ the appointment of Fadzai Mahere does not inspire us at all. We can’t be told the whole MDC doesn’t have an organic Educationist of repute. Education is not for everyone.@gibson140 @Mavhure @i_sibanda @zimta01 @matdera @p_mutasa @Njube @matigary @SihawuSMoyo”

Mahere announced only on Wednesday that she had joined the party although she is said to have been present at the party congress.

Her move attracted mixed responses with some, a bit skeptical, claiming that she is targeting the Glen View South House of Assembly seat that fell vacant following the demise of the late Vimbai Tsvangirai-Java who succumbed to accident injuries on the 10th of June this year.

Meanwhile, Mahere is a Law Lecturer at the University of Zimbabwe, a profession that some say makes her qualified for the post.

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