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Leading sport merchandise firm 90minutes+ opens shop in Zimbabwe…

Takasununguka Ziki
Written by Takasununguka Ziki

The destiny of sport in Zimbabwe is poised for greatness with the entry of world renown sports promoter and merchandiser, 90 Minutes +. The renown company specializes in sports development and sports equipment sales and promotions.

At a time when Zimbabweans have began to appreciate the importance of taking sport as an industry, the company has come to establish base in Zimbabwe with a major thrust to develop all major sport codes and partner national sport teams in providing kits, gear, equipment and promotion potential. Their programme will also include player management and placements abroad under a programme they have named PPS.

The international company dresses over 10 professional clubs from across the world. In the process, they also help teams and anyone interested in Sports Development. Their arrival in a nation like Zimbabwe will ensure that Sports Development will have a major face-lift and help transform the industry for greatness.

With their arrival, they have appointed Mr. Tapiwa Ndewere as country representative for the Zimbabwean concern. The recently ordained sports supremo and country representative of 90mins + Mr. Ndewere was jubilant and had great excitement as was evidenced by his remarks. He had this to say:

“The arrival of 90 Minutes + in Zimbabwe has brought great potential and poses as a great opportunity for the nation to grow as a sport super hub. It provides a direct opportunity for sport teams to grow from unknown little teams to huge business units that will surely grow the economy by directly contributing to the Gross Domestic Product.”

His remarks show that 90 minutes + has indeed come to change the sports scene for the better. With the thrust that the firm seeks to take, Sport in Zimbabwe will never be the same again as the firm intends to support sport to the core.
It was made public by Mr. Ndewere that 90 Minutes + also specializes in the development and manufacture of sport kits from sport shoes Jerseys, Tracksuits, Sport Bags, soccer boots and anything you can think of in sport paraphernalia.

Mr. Tapiwa Ndewere unveiling some of the kits.

Currently, the Zimbabwean concern is embarking on a program to support children in rural and Township communities to help them develop fully into professional sports people. It is known that developing as a Sports person takes dedication, professional training and access to professional training equipment and kits. In the shadow of this background, 90 Minutes + has come to provide playing and training kits and equipment so that budding sports personalities start training and being developed using methods in sync with international best practice.

They seek to start supporting all organized teams and academies nationwide into sports development units that foster excellence, leaving them with their only burden being training of athletes. Zimbabwe is endowed with plenty of athletes and most of them are failing to access a basic soccer boot or athletics spike. That alone will create a situation where either the child will shy away from the sport or will never reach their full potential.

The veteran sports administrator and coach of many codes who was recently appointed Country representative, Mr. Tapiwa Ndewere is the man best fitting for the great task at hand. Under his belt he has been instrumental in grass-root sports development. He is the Co-founder and chairman of Power 11 Community Youth Club that has toured the UK, Botswana and South Africa on youth sports tours and exchanges. He is also Chairperson of
Voice of Township Girls and the current chair of Homeless World cup (Mashonaland East Province)

The veteran educationist also founded the Zimbabwe Teachers Sports Association (Zitsa) as its Founding President which is engaged in teacher sports development and engagements through sport tourism. He is also a qualified coach in many sport codes among them chess, badminton, wheel chair games, soccer, Korfball, Athletics, cricket, Netball and Volleyball. This trove of sport exposure and vast expertise speaks of his innumerable passion for sport and sport development.

The 90 Minutes + deal will also see the unveiling of a kit sponsorship deal for one selected national team. Discussions to this end have been initiated. This type of deal has been tried and implemented elsewhere with such teams being part of the long list of those that have benefited: Gunners FC, Centre Chiefs, Prison FC, Sankoyo Bushbucks FC, HS China, Fasil Kesina FC of Ethiopia.

“Implementation of such a deal and many more of this nature will lead to the sure development of sport in Zimbabwe leading to a transition from sport for recreation to sport as employment,” remarked the 90 Minutes + Country representative, Mr Ndewere.

Brothers Ramosoeu Samuel and Simon T Ramosoeu are part of the Directors representing the international firm in rolling out the Zimbabwean concern.

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