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Hon. Chido Sanyatwe Making Strides in Developing Nyanga North

Takasununguka Ziki
Written by Takasununguka Ziki

It’s exactly a year after the inauguration of the current Parliament. caught up with Nyanga North MP, Hon. Chido Sanyatwe. Nyanga North was blessed to have a hardworking MP in Hon. Sanyatwe.

In unprecedented strides, there have been major life-changing projects that have taken-off the ground. Borehole sinking in all wards have been seen. This, according to members of the community, will go a long way in alleviating the plight of the people of Nyanga North.

Cde. Tapiwa Muromowenyoka said, “Nyanga North is located in the dry parts of the nation, mainly being in regions 4 and 5 and the later months of each year are always characterised by water shortages.” Increasing the number of boreholes in the constituency is one sure way of reducing the plight of the people of Nyanga North Constituency in light of water shortages.

Mai Sanyatwe, as she is popularly known has also taken her war at poor infrastructure in schools and health institutions. She has been making donations of building materials at existing and newly established schools. Chimusasa Primary School received consignment of material to be used in refurbishing a classroom block.

Material was also availed for construction of an ECD Block at recently established Bunganirwe Primary School. Cde. Sanyatwe also aims at working with parent ministries with a view to reducing the distance kids walk to Schools by increasing the number of schools in the constituency.

She has also started the construction of Sande Munemo Secondary School. The MP has also taken it upon herself to make sure that she brings ICT services to her constituency. She has done this by the construction of an Information Center at Nyamaropa Business Centre. This project was initiated through the Constituency Development Funds availed by the able Government of His Excellency Cde. ED. Mnangagwa

The hardworking MP has spelt out great intentions that she has in empowering Women in her constituency. She has plans that are now at an advanced stage of introducing a Women’s Bank in the Constituency so as to bring Financial services closer to the people and also improve access to cheap loans by women in her area of jurisprudence.

She also said she is intending to start plenty life enhancing projects that include Chicken rearing with a main incline towards Road Runner Indigenous chickens, Market Gardening, Bread Making and Peanut Butter making. She said this will go a long way in alleviating the plight of the people of Nyanga North Constituency. In the same spirit of beneficiation and value addition, she intends to start vegetable canning and packaging ventures.

Following incessant rains that have damaged roads and bridges, rendering them impassable, she has coordinated and provided material for the construction of Gotekote Bridge in Ward 7 and Nyamatubu Bridge in ward 2. She reiterated her great desire to see the repair of Rwenya Bridge so as to open the door to Mutoko and Nyamapanda for enhanced economic activities.

In her effort to enhance Mobile Network connectivity, Hon. Sanyatwe has coordinated the installation of mobile network base stations in Wards 1, 5 and 7. Villagers in the said wards were jubilant and appreciative of the fact that they too will now be able to connect with the wider world through mobile connectivity.

Road construction and rehabilitation programs have also been kick-started. Most dirt roads are up for re-grading and reconstruction as graders are on their way to start work on the ground.

“We want to make sure road repair work is done with well before the onset of the rainy season. We have mobilised all resources that will enable us to deliver this essential service to our communities.” Said Hon. Sanyatwe.

On rural livelihoods and empowerment She had this to say:

“With regards to empowering our community, we are going to deliver and distribute 10 000 chicks to women in our constituency. We have already sourced those, they only await delivery and distribution.” In the past, she distributed chicks that Kick-started chicken rearing projects for women and youths.

The Honourable MP also engaged with relevant authorities and sourced for 7 Electricity transformers that will see an expansion on the availability of electricity to rural Nyanga communities. She hopes that the engagements she has with the Power Utility will continue yielding positive results.

In the meantime, areas where these will be installed are being explored in consultation with community leadership and relevant authorities. The efforts, initiatives and projects that Honourable Sanyatwe is implementing will surely go a long way in making sure that the rural community of Nyanga North Constituency closes the gap between rural and urban settlements as amenities in the rural communities get closer to those in towns.

Her Aspirations!

Honourable Sanyatwe has aspirations for her Constituency. As a rural constituency, she aspires that it develops to close the gap with urban settlements by bringing amenities available in towns to her constituency.

She seeks to pursue the issue of bringing affordable transport for the burdened traveling public. She is in the process of engaging with ZUPCO for the introduction of the Bus Company on the Mutare-Ruwangwe Route. She has also engaged with the office of Eng. Josh Chifamba in the Transport Ministry with the View of getting the Avila, Chifambe road repaired.

With continued support and coordinated working together with local leadership and the generality of the people of Nyanga North, the Constituency is indeed poised for greater times to come.

Takasununguka Ziki

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