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Historical Land redress and white farmer compensation (PART 2)

Takasununguka Ziki
Written by Takasununguka Ziki

By Takasununguka Ziki

This is Part II of the article with the same title and with the same subject under review.

Since the passing of ZIDERA into law after it was first introduced to US parliament by US Senators Bill Frist and Russ Feingold on March 8 2001, Zimbabwe has not known any peace or progress. The Act, together with rampant corruption by senior public officers mainly in State entities and government departments have become the twin manacles that have completely incapacitated the economy by tying its hands behind its back.

The Act clearly makes it very apparent that the issue between Zimbabwe and the western auxidant is nothing but an issue of the Land that was compulsorily acquired by the Zimbabwean government.

It is an Act that seeks to perpetuate Western hegemony and is a clear show of a big brother mentality that is premised on a domineering spirit over lesser nations.

For any nation to be called a nation it has to have its land it calls country. Land is the prime source of national pride and national heritage. With the emasculation of the nation Zimbabwe and the expropriation of the land followed by the subsequent passing of ZIDERA, the question whether nations are allowed to travel the railroad to self-determination is surely a pipe dream.

Land has become a hot issue to such an extent that the government has been tied to this day on which path to take. Pursuant to the fast track land reform programme, land that was acquired on a willing buyer willing seller basis as provided for in article V of the Lancaster House Agreement was now being acquired on a willing taker unwilling owner basis. Those that had the willingness to own a piece of land during this phase of land acquisition got land for as long as it was earmarked for compulsory acquisition by the government. A law was passed to make the whole process legal and beneficiaries where given Offer Letters that made them officially the new owners of the pieces of land.

The stance taken by the government of Zimbabwe to support land redress fell out of favor with the West following cases of violence as former white farm owners resisted movement of the properties and the later through powerful multilateral institutions led by the Breton wood institutions imposed financial embargoes that were veiled behind what they termed financial or monetary reforms. All these methods employed by the US and her allies are an erstwhile attempt at manhandling Zimbabwe into reversing the land reform programme.

2019 has seen an avid debate dominating the streets and social media platforms as to whether former white commercial farmers should be compensated for either the land or developments made on the farms. The hardliner pro-land Zimbabwean is not mincing their words. They are outrightly ruling out any need to compensate the former white commercial farmer. The argument from these quarters is, “when they took that land from indigenous black farmers did they compensate these black farmers for either developments or the land itself on the land the same blacks lost?”

Other citizens who seek to take a subtle approach to the matter say compensation of white former commercial farmers is the way to go if we are to be fully incorporated into the family of Nations. This is exactly the stance being taken by the new Administration in the new dispensation. Their engagement and re-engagement efforts seek to mend past relations that had become sour and long denied Zimbabwe of any potential to get any form of much needed foreign direct investment or structural lines of credit.

In his annual independence address to the nation President Emmerson Mnangagwa took time to give a slight explanation of how compensation will be handled. Finance and Economic Development Minister Prof. Ntuli Ncube had said that they were in the process of mobilizing financial resources to pay the former white Farmers whose land was acquired for resettlement. However, His Excellency president Mnangagwa said that the government will not be paying compensation to all white commercial farmers who lost land during the land reform programme but only those who are now old.

In an interview with The Sunday Mail President Mnangagwa revealed that the government was also in talks with the British so that they could also contribute to the programme to compensate white farmers. He said:

“… it is estimated that the compensation may run to something like $3 billion. We are looking at the old white farmers, as we make payment, we won’t pay compensation to those who are fit.”

He goes on your say, ” fortunately, now we are having discussions. The commercial farmers and Government on one side and the British on the other side. These discussions with the British side seek to have them to also contribute to this compensation.”

A close look at the whole issue we realize that the law and rules of international engagement seek to have anyone whose land is taken to be compensated. This is because these former white farmers had title deeds to the land and had total claim of ownership to the land. Without compensating of these old framers it seems access to lines of credit and the unending trips to the nation by the IMF and related international organizations for Staff Monitored programmes will always be an attempt at buying time yet in the end they always mention such things as the contentious issue of the land.

It now waits to be seen whether by compensating these former white farmers we will see better times as a nation.
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