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Harare Metropolitan Minister bemoans city land allocation: Barons called to shape

Takasununguka Ziki
Written by Takasununguka Ziki

By Takasununguka Ziki

Minister of State of the Harare Metropolitan Province Oliver Chidawu made startling remarks to the effect that land Barons in and around the city are criminals. The former mayor of Harare was recently appointed Minister of state for the capital.

His revelations were made in an interview he had with the state run Herald. Hon. Oliver Chidawu had this to say:

“Land baron is a colloquial term for people who have stolen money from poor people who have long yearned to own houses and put a decent shelter over their heads.”

He says when he was Mayor of Harare, he oversaw the orderly developments in areas such as Kuwadzana and Warren Park and never had anyone crying of being duped by anyone. “”Unfortunately, as things deteriorated, we have ended up with greedy people.” He said.

Hon. Chidawu stated that :

“a land baron would be a person who owns land and service it for sale, but these you are calling land barons are land criminals.”

The nation has been riddled by people who have over the years been fleecing people of their savings and in the end double land allocations are evidence to show utter disorder. Some settlements are in wetlands and have ended up being demolished by the city fathers.

Its now time for central government to take a decisive stance and end this madness once and for all.

Takasununguka Ziki

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