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“Civil servants receive COLA as price of Bread and other basic commodities take a leap”

Takasununguka Ziki
Written by Takasununguka Ziki

By Takasununguka Ziki

Zimbabweans across the nation woke up to shocking price tags on shelves of bread as the price of the declared staple food took a rise that saw a near doubling of the asking price for the country’s most eaten food item during breakfast.

An average loaf of Bread that yesterday was pegged at between RTGS$1.80 and RTGS$2.50 has risen to around $3.50 in the big supermarkets with prices expected to be on the up side in the usually expensive rural and township shops. This comes amid reports that wheat prices rose by as much as 90% on the backdrop of dwindling local stocks and rising costs of transporting and importing the raw material.

Large bakeries have increased the wholesale price of bread, forcing supermarkets to adjust their prices upwards. A source in the Grain Millers Association of Zimbabwe said, “Importing wheat has become very difficult given the difficulties faced in the whole import line. Things like forex are hard to come by and yesterday we woke up to news that the price of local wheat has been increased by around 90%. This has to be recouped and obviously the person at the end of the distribution line always suffers.”

Members of the public who were interviewed weighed in saying that they always knew that after civil servants received their COLA, prices would sure increase. Some said it’s the announcement of the new producer price of grain and grain products announced by the government that has caused the sudden rise in the price of bread and other agro-based products.

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