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Zimbabwe: 39 years as one…

Peter Munyanyi
Written by Peter Munyanyi

Zimbabwe is a nation of different cultures and beliefs. Despite all this diversity, it has stood as one solid unit amid all the predicaments that have befallen it.

Despite the varied ethnic groupings strewn all over the republic, people have coexisted with magnanimous social cohesion that baffles most.

Religions are diverse, with Christianity being the dominant one yet they coexist in surprisingly oiled ways. There have never been any religious tensions of sorts.

Politics and religion have also been complementary. There has never been a show on animosity between rulers and the church. As the nation celebrates independence, Christians are busy preparing for Easter celebrations.

After attaining it’s independence on the 18th of April 1980 from British colonial rule Zimbabwe has seen different fortunes in its different epochs. 18 April has been etched on the hearts of many as a day we remember and honour all those who sacrificed their lives during the struggle against colonialism.

This year’s independence celebrations come at a time when people are inundated by trying economic times. Recent price hikes have left the zimbabwean population reeling in abject poverty.

Prices have been on the upward trajectory yet salaries have remained stagnated. One youth interviewed had this to say:

“As Zimbabwe celebrates 39 years of independence and sovereignty, the general atmosphere across the nation is sombre reflective of the situation in the country.”

Social media has perhaps been a barometer that is reflective of this gloom. Regardless of all problems, it is pivotal that the young generation appreciates and understands the true meaning of such an occasion and its importance to the Zimbabwean history.

This year’s Independence celebrations coincidentally fall in the same week with Easter holidays making it a double treat for Christians and Zimbabweans in general.

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