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Peter Munyanyi
Written by Peter Munyanyi
Vabati vajehova are choral band is the founding fathers of apostolic music. Despite the loss of other group members ,Vabati vaJehova have come up with yet another glorious oblation. VABATI VaJehovah’s 17th album to be launched on 4 april. They set out on a musical journey in 1999 when they released an album titled mweya mutsvene wamwari. In 2008 they aslo released an album named Tirimo munzira following the death of Timothy Magaya on December 8, 2009. Vabati Vajehova last launched an album in 2017 titled ndivavarire denga. POPULAR apostolic choral group Vabati VaJehovah has released an album titled Ngandibereke mapudzi to be launched at Zimbabwe college of music inspite losing many founding members these guys are sounding for a long time. Richard Magaya asked the presence of the whole nation at their album launch. “tinokukai mese nehuhwandu hwenyu tifadze mwari tishumire mwari tishandire mwari ndimi vanhu vachol.”, he said. ©Sir Peter

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