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Sudan coup leader steps down after one day

Peter Munyanyi
Written by Peter Munyanyi

The head of Sudan military council has stepped down a day after long-term leader Omar al-Bashir was toppled in a coup.
Sudan’s President Omar al-Bashir has been ousted Thursday and arrested by the military after nearly 30 years in power.
Mr Bashir was accused of organizing war crimes against humanity between 2003 and 2008 by the International Criminal Court.
Protesters, however, have vowed to stay on the streets despite an overnight curfew being imposed by the military.
Demonstrations against Mr Bashir, who has governed Sudan since 1989, have been taking place for several months.

At least 14 antigovernment protester had been killed in the capital, khartoum, by security srevices loyal to the President Omar al-Bashir
22 were killed on the 6 April anti Bashir protest including 5 soldiers who were killed defending the protesters
153 people were wounded and many death toll is expected to increase since some of the injuries were severe.
The December 2018 demonstrations due to bread price hikes have also led to calls for the whole political system, in which the military plays a significant role, to be overhauled.

It have been notice that Africa is about to bringing to a political change.
Few leaders has so far removed following massive protest.
Zimbabwe’s President Robert Mugabe has also resigned under the military pressure, bringing an end to 37 years of rule.
Only zimbwean mass protest managed to be a peaceful protest.
An old man aged 82 Abdelaziz Bouteflika, the Algeria’s President had been in power for 20 years also resigned subsequently mass protests and a powerful Algerian army.

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